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Camping with Your Dog: How to Make It Hassle-Free

Camping is an exciting activity. Whether you’re doing it alone or with friends or family, the idea of being out in the great wild outdoors is appealing for many reasons.

If you want to up the fun a notch, why not take your dog along? Everything’s better with the company of a wagging tail and puppy dog eyes!

Here are 5 tips to make camping with your dog hassle-free.


Research Dog-Friendly Places

Not all campsites are dog-friendly. You can find ones that are with just a bit of Googling! For a wide selection of caravan parks and camping spots, most of which are dog-friendly, check out this list to choose your next destination!

It’s also a great idea to check up on the rules and regulations before heading to a particular campsite. Just because they’re dog-friendly, doesn’t mean your pet can run around off-leash and do what they will.

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Plan Your Itinerary

Plan Your Itinerary

If you’re planning on hiking or biking, will your dog be able to keep up? Remember, your dog is part of the family, so treat them as such and don’t plan activities that they wouldn’t be able to do.

If your dog has been hiking with you before, by all means, plan a hike! Dogs who haven’t done that sort of activity will need to be eased into it, so perhaps keep your trail short and sweet.

But you don’t only have to stick to hiking with your pet. Plenty of parks have local attractions nearby that are both culturally fascinating and quite happy for your dog to join you as you experience them!

Just a bit of research beforehand could turn up interesting local spots, outings, experiences, and even restaurants that you don’t need to miss out on because your dog is with you.

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Gear Your Dog Up

Gear Your Dog Up

You’ll be taking your four-legged best friend out into unfamiliar territory, and anything can happen. Make sure they’re properly geared up before you go.

Things like a sturdy harness (that fits your dog properly), paw protectors, an elevated doggy camping bed, portable food and water bowls, their favorite toy, their usual food and treats, and dog-friendly bug repellant are good things to pack for your dog.

You may also want to attach a tag to their collar or harness with your contact details, in case they happen to get lost.

Photo by Jackson Jost

Pack A Doggy First Aid Kit

Pack A Doggy First Aid Kit

We pack comprehensive first aid kits for our kiddies, and the same should be done for our pets! Dogs are curious, and you never know what may happen when they’re out in the big, scent-saturated world.

Include items like bandages, dog-friendly antiseptic ointment, activated charcoal, and a tick removal kit are good to see in a first aid kit. It’s also a good idea to include the contact details of the closest veterinarian to your campsite, in case you need extra help.

Photo by Fiona Murray

Keep Your Dog Close

Keep Your Dog Close

If you’re camping in an RV, most places allow you to leave your dog inside while you’re away. If you’re in a tent, no. There’s too much risk of your dog getting out and getting hurt or lost.

The world out there is unknown and exciting to your dog, but they can easily lose their way or get injured by wildlife. Keeping them close is good for their own protection, but also as a courtesy to others on the campsite.

Your pet should sleep in the tent or car with you, and be with you during the day while you're doing your activities.

Camping with your dog can be a rewarding and adventurous experience! Make sure to gear them up, keep them safe, and do things that will be fun for them as well as for the humans involved!

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Author: Mike Powell


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