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Guarantee your lettings 2024

A holiday home could earn you up to £13,310^ guaranteed letting income a year!

Unless you’re in the very fortunate position to enjoy your holiday home or lodge all season long, there may be periods of time when no one is using it - this is where the Guaranteed Letting scheme can help.

With Guaranteed Lettings you can receive the income from your agreed letting dates in advance, giving you additional funds towards your initial holiday home deposit.

Our parks have seen a huge increase in demand for caravan and lodge holidays over the past few years, and many owners have taken advantage of this by letting out their holiday home when they’re not using it. You could too. 

How guaranteed letting works

How does Guaranteed letting work?

  1. Choose your holiday home - rental returns will increase with higher grade models. Models are graded from Bronze through to Platinum.
  2. Agree the weeks that you will let out your holiday home.
  3. We will confirm your total annual rental and you'll receive it NOW as a deposit contribution towards your purchase.
  4. We will arrange everything, including the cleaning of your holiday home after each let.
  5. Your income is guaranteed, even if your unit is not let to our holiday guests.

Caravan holiday homes
earn from £6,270 to £11,980

Luxury Lodges
earn from £7,410 to £14,525

Superfast Internet

It is now a requirement to have Superfast Internet available in your holiday home to benefit from our letting service. Speak to us to find out how you can get free installation - the cost of the service is added to your Pitch Fees.

Letting Service

Take advantage of the opportunity to gain an extra income.


What Can I Earn?

Size Requirements
Other Requirements
Peak Weekly Earnings From
Min 12ft Wide
DG/CH, Wifi
£440 - £760
Min 12ft Wide
DG/CH, Decking, Wifi, Outdoor Furniture
£485 - £795
Min 13ft Wide
DG/CH, Decking, Wifi, Outdoor Furniture, En-suite 
£525 - £850
Min 20ft Wide
DG/CH, Decking, Outdoor Furniture, Wifi, En-suite 
£525 - £865
Min 20ft Wide
Available on request 
£625 - £1005

Popular models for letting

Interested in Letting?

Get the best of both worlds, enjoying your holiday home whenever you can, as well as earning an additional income.
Terms and Conditions

The letting service is unavailable at Beauport, Burghead, Oaklands, Newhaven, and West Mersea Holiday Parks. ^Guaranteed Lettings value will vary by park, lowest example values are based on a 2 bedroom at Dovercourt Holiday Park. Highest example values are based on a 3 bedroom at Pevensey Bay Holiday Park. Guaranteed Letting is available for a maximum of 22 weeks of the letting season but will vary by park. Guaranteed Letting Income cannot be used towards the minimum deposit for finance purchases but can be used as an additional deposit contribution.

If you have any questions about ownership?

Why not get in touch with our holiday home advisors who would be happy to help.