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Fishing Holidays in Sussex

Fishing is a relaxing activity to do on your own, with your partner, or with friends. We have numerous parks across the UK with access to lake and sea fishing, so you won’t be short of options no matter where you stay.

If you plan to stay near the fishing lakes in Sussex, you can choose from caravan or camping holidays, and some parks also have luxury cabins onsite. Of course, you also have full access to all our park amenities during your stay if you decide to take a break from fishing.

As you probably know, you’ll need a fishing licence to fish inland. If you haven’t already got one, they’re available from the government website linked above. You’ll also need to buy a day ticket for fishing lakes in Sussex, which are available from the reception of your chosen holiday park.

Once you’ve got all this sorted, though, you’re free to fish as much as you want at any of our great Sussex holiday parks. You can find out more information about them below.

Holiday Destinations Near Fishing Lakes in Sussex

Sussex has some pretty amazing options for freshwater fishing, particularly for carp, roach, tench, trout, and more. Here’s a quick roundup of the parks we offer with access to fishing lakes in Sussex.


Chichester Lakeside Park

Where better to start than with the fishing holiday park? Chichester Lakeside has no fewer than 11 lakes that were specifically dug and stocked for sport fishing. They range in size from 1.5 acres to 52 acres and attract anglers from all over the country. You’ll find plenty of options for fishers of all levels, from beginner to expert.

The lakes are onsite of the holiday park, but you’ll probably want to drive for quick and easy access. That said, if you don’t mind a walk with all your equipment, the scenery is quite beautiful.

More about fishing at Chichester

Rye Harbour

Rye Harbour Park is an amazing place to stay if you want to appreciate the Sussex coastline. Located right next to a nature reserve, it has plenty of opportunities for walking and birdwatching. The town centre is only 2 miles away and has you covered for everything you can’t get in the park.

More about Rye Harbour

The local fishing spot is Rye Nook Fishery. It’s roughly 10 miles away from the park, and the journey itself is quite nice. The fishery covers around 100 acres of water and is stocked with a range of fish, including carp, trout, roach, perch and more. You need to buy your tickets directly – you can find contact details on the link above.

More about Rye Nook

Coghurst Hall

Coghurst Hall is centred around the fishing lake, but that isn’t all this holiday park offers. Nestled in woodland, there are caravan spots and luxury lodges available, and you can even take a look around the manor house itself!

The lake is large and has plenty of fish, including carp, rudd, bream, roach and more. There’s a smaller lake nearby that’s perfect for beginner fishers, making this a good choice for family holidays centred around fishing.

More about Coghurst Hall

Sea Fishing

Thanks to the fact that many of our parks are near the coast, there are plenty of opportunities for sea fishing in Sussex. While you don’t need a licence for sea fishing, there are still restrictions around where and when you can fish.

We have 3 parks in East Sussex that have good access to coarse fishing spots. Winchelsea Sands sits between Rye and Hastings, so would give you good access to both sea and freshwater fishing if you choose.
More about Winchelsea Sands

There’s also Pevensey Bay, which is near the South Downs, and Beauport, near Hastings. All these parks are well situated for coarse fishing, so check with reception at your chosen park for more information on where’s best to fish.

What Else to Do on Your Fishing Holiday in Sussex

Sure, there might be some great fishing lakes in Sussex, but the area has plenty more to offer. Here’s some inspiration for other activities to occupy you between fishing days.



Hastings deserves its own mention as a fascinating site in Sussex. You probably recognise the name from the Battle of Hastings in 1066, one of the most important moments in British history. Unsurprisingly, the town embraces this heritage, but there are more recent historical sites thanks to its boom as a Victorian seaside holiday destination.



Chichester is the county town of West Sussex, despite it being a city. Although we could mention specific sites within Chichester, the whole city is worth seeing. Its history stretches all the way back to the Anglo Saxon period, so there are plenty of amazing sites and things to learn. The 12th-century cathedral is a particular highlight.

*Image CC

South Downs National Park

The South Downs only became a national park in 2010, but its environmental importance goes way back. It stretches through 3 counties on the south coast, and is a great choice if you’re looking for some outdoor time. If you’re feeling adventurous, the South Downs Way is a 100-mile path that stretches the length of the park!

*Image CC John Wallace

Booking a Holiday for Fishing Lakes in Sussex

There are some amazing fishing lakes in Sussex, and the area has plenty of other great things to do. Park Holidays has you covered for easy access to the lakes combined with picturesque locations and inviting facilities to make your stay everything you want it to be.

Check out our website to search more about fishing holidays in Sussex. Of course, if you like what the area has to offer, search for more information about holiday home ownership in Sussex, too.

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A county steeped in history, with an amazing coastline to explore.

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