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Chichester Lakeside Fishing Park  

Coarse & Sea Angling

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2020 - 2021 Season

The holiday park is surrounded by a total of eleven lakes ranging in size from 52 acres down to 1.5 acre pools. The lakes were originally excavated in the late 1930 40’s and were stocked shortly after.

The lakes offer a challenge for the novice angler right up to the serious specimen hunter and can be fished on 24hour / 48hour / 72hour tickets, week-long tickets and season tickets.

Tickets can be obtained from the Park office between the hours of 9am – 5pm (7 days a week) or on the bank side from the Fishery Staff.

Fishing Requirements

UK rod licenses are required wherever you fish on UK inland waterways.

These can be purchased online from the Environment Agency website directly, or from the Post Office in Chichester.

Landing net, unhooking mat, and if fishing primarily for Carp, then a Carp-care Kit must be carried. There are fishery rules printed on your ticket and anglers are asked to adhere to them.

Fishing Holidays Coarse and Sea Angling
The main species are Carp to 57lb, Pike to 36lb, Bream to 12lb, Tench to 12lb. Rudd, Roach and Perch are abundant in most of the lake, Eels can also be caught in all of the lakes.
Fishing Holidays Coarse and Sea Angling

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Holiday Home Owners

Park Holidays UK Holiday Home Owners are able to apply with a 50% discount (with proof of Ownership) on all charges including syndicate fisheries, annual fishing passes or day tickets.

Fishing Holidays Coarse and Sea Angling

Fishing Holiday Deals

Why not contact your choice of Holiday Park directly for in-depth information on current Fishing Holiday deals?

Ticket Pricing

Tickets for 2020 – 2021 Season (starting 15th March 2020) are priced for individual lakes and are for two or three rods, Tickets are not transferable between lakes. Visiting anglers please note that these lakes are not stocked to the level of some commercial waters that they may have fished before.


All day tickets are now £10 per day for all applicable lakes that accept day tickets.

COPSE LAKE / TRIANGLE / PECKHAM and IVY Lakes are priced the same:
Day ticket (7am - 7pm) 2/3 rods £10/£15
24hrs 2/3 rods £15/£20
48hrs 2/3 rods £30/£40
72hrs 2/3 rods £40/£60
24hrs 2/3 rods £15/£20
48hrs 2/3 rods £30/£40
72hrs 2/3 rods £40/£60
24hrs 2/3 rods £20/£25
48hrs 2/3 rods £40/£60
72hrs 2/3 rods £60/£75
No Night Fishing
Day ticket (7am -7pm) £10.00 (2 rod limit)

Please Note: NUNNERY Lake is currently closed due to long term maintenance works.

Chichester Lakeside Fishery Rules

1. Safety First! Adhere to Safety Signage / Instructions from Park / Fisheries staff. Do NOT access waters

2. Anglers fish at their own risk. Respectful Behaviour Standards and following the rules are expected and those falling short of these will be asked to leave without refund. Removal of fish is prohibited and will be reported to the Police 

3. Lakeside Fisheries do not take any responsibility for Equipment, Adverse Weather or other Unforeseen Events that may require lakes to be closed or limited – no refunds will be given

4. Day Tickets can be obtained from the Park Reception during Office Hours, 7 days a week, or on the bank side from the uniformed FISHERY STAFF

5. Anyone over the age of 16 years of age or older must be in possession of An EA Rod Licence (these can be purchased on line at the EA website www.environmentagency or from a Post Office

6. You must have with you a suitable Landing Net and Unhooking Mat and if fishing for Carp a Care Kit

7. Barbed / Micro Barbed Hooks Only. No fixed or Bolt Rigs. 

8. All fish to be released immediately – No Keep Nets

9. Rods are not to be left unattended at any time – your rods, your responsibility

10. Anglers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible Adult

11. No Bait Boats. No floating baits or Artificial baits. No pre-baiting with large amounts of particles / Boilies on East Lake

12. Tickets are priced for individual lakes. Tickets are not transferable between lakes

13. Strictly no Boats, Fires, BBQ’s, Guns, Laser Pens, Radios or Excessive Noise

14. Please park considerately and do not litter – take it home! Please respect the park and our wild life

15. No Pike fishing March – October

16. Tickets & a Receipt will be provided and must be produced on request at all times when fishing

Anglers will be deemed to have read the rules and regulations. Any angler found causing an infringement will be asked to leave immediately. The head bailiff and his staff make regular rounds of the lakes and will enforce the rules. Anglers fish at their own risk. Anyone caught removing fish will be prosecuted for theft. 

Please note: no pike fishing from March to October

The lakes are not stocked as heavily as are some commercial waters so therefore all vising anglers should take this into account when fishing them.

The gate to the lakes is locked and opened at various times throughout the year. Opening times are clearly displayed on the gate.

The lakes are there for everyone - not just anglers - so please behave responsibly and enjoy your time fishing.

Fishing Holidays Coarse and Sea Angling

The Lakes


An Elongated 1.5 acre pool with a few carp up to 28lb. Tench to 4lb, Rudd, Roach and Perch. It has become very weedy and there is plenty of bank side cover where fish can be found close into the margins. A difficult water to fish. 


As its name suggests, Bream to 14lb Tench to 12lb along with a large head of Roach, Rudd and Perch. Please note that the bridal path swims are quite steep. Light float tackle/ pole set up, small hooks with maggots, casters or soft pellet fished on the drop will work well, and loose feeding occasionally will keep the fish interested. It has proved to be a very popular water for the young angler and pleasure angler who want an enjoyable days fishing. Please note - IT DOES GET VERY WEEDY IN THE SUMMER THOUGH THE FISHERY STAFF DO RAKE IT THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER


A small 1.5 ACRE water which can be quite a challenge due to heavy weed in the summer months. Carp to 34lb Tench to 7lb and Pike to 20lb can be caught along with. Fish over beds of particles or a boilie approach for the carp; float fished caster corn or maggot for the Tench. During the Pike season dead baits especially dyed sprat’s work well.


A seven acre water, fishing is from 2 banks only, this lake is a good tester of skills for the intermediate Carp angler looking to catch hard fighting Commons and tricky Mirrors up to 30lb with an average depth of 6ft deeper spots can be found, this lake is a good night water and pre –baiting with particles can be an advantage especially if a silt covered gravel patch can be located. Other species are found in this water; watch out for the swan mussels.


At 12 acres this an intermediate and sometimes tricky water to fish, populated with Common Carp between 6 – 14lb. There are bigger fish in the lower and upper twenties including a thirty known as the Small Tailed Mirror. In 2014 the lake produced its first 30lb Common. There is also a large head of Tench to 10lb and bream to 8lb plus Rudd and Roach. Day or night the lake can fish well with fish responding to a variety of tactics small pva / mesh bags of pellet, boilie whole or crushed, light spodding of particles then fish over with tiger nut, halibut pellets. Fruit flavoured boilies especially pineapple work well, heavy baiting is not advised as the fish move all the time and do not respond to big beds of bait. The lake itself is divided by a bar which runs mid way across the lake and links up to the island which is a good fish magnet, swims either side of the bar often produce and a walk around the far side of the lake will often find a quieter and sometimes more productive swim. The Bream and Tench can be caught on any methods but due to the nature of the water they tend to fall to Carp tackle and baits, there are silver fish but they are not really fished for. This is good starter water for the novice Carper who wants to catch fish or simply water for any angler that wants to put a bend in a rod. 40 Stock fish from VS Mirrors where stocked in November 2016 and these are now well into double figures.


An intermediate and at times productive water which is large shallow and weedy in places, it can be fished from 3 banks. Carp up to 43lb have been caught with a good head of Tench and Pike the latter up to 36lb.Being quite an expanse of water a session is advisable and pre baiting with particles or good quality Boilies can be an advantage. The Tench can be caught from all areas, the bank which separates East and West can often prove productive where as the north bank has shown to fish well for Carp. In winter the bay on the bridal path has given up some of the lakes better Pike. In the past West was not as heavily fished as the other lakes on the complex however more anglers are now fishing due to the increase in some of the resident Carp packing on the weight. West offers a good challenge for the angler who is prepared to wait. The cow shed bank as it is known has produced some sizable fish from the margins. The Eel population can be problematic at times. Due to the fish sizes this lake is becoming even more popular with session anglers.


Syndicate Lake only. There are currently no places available. Invitation only or on recommendation from an existing syndicate member.


Syndicate Lake. There are currently no places available. Invitation only or on recommendation from an existing syndicate member.


Gin clear and very shallow it holds a small head of Carp up to 25lb, some Pike and a well spread out population of specimen Tench. Silver fish plus the odd Bream can also be caught. Fishing is from the bridal path and main road bank only. Strictly no fishing on the approach road bank to the park. Early morning late evening sessions for the Tench are a good bet, the margins are deep so no need for a long cast. The lake does get weedy but is still fishable float fished sweet corn, banded pellet, red maggot do well or find a clear spot along the bridal path margins and fish boilie or particle for the elusive Carp.


Syndicate Lake. There are currently no places available. Invitation only or on recommendation from an existing syndicate member.


At 52 acres Ivy is the largest of all the lakes, due to the local water ski ing club having a lease on the North basin anglers can only fish the South basin. The swims are all well constructed and offer a comfortable area to fish from. This lake like West and Runcton has the potential to produce some big Carp up to 39lb being caught as well as specimen sized Bream and Tench. The lake is relatively shallow and finding features with a marker float is essential some of the weed can be heavy but find clear spot bait up and wait. The fish show regularly in bays and travelling through the channels. Good quality bait is essential. If you find the big fish proving to be elusive get the float tackle out and fish for the Rudd which provides some fun fishing.

All the lakes hold non migratory Eels some up to specimen size, all though not every angler likes them some serious Eel hunters fish the lakes due to their size, they can be difficult to unhook due to the way that they have a tendency to gorge hook baits so please do your best at unhooking.

The lakes are patrolled on a regular basis by the Head Bailiff and his staff who are all experienced and knowledgeable anglers and their advice is well worth listening to. Due to size of the fishery there will always be work in progress and it is regrettable that there may be times when some areas may be closed for work to take place if this is the case prior notice will be given. Over the winter period major works have been carried out to improve overall access around the lakes. At certain times of the year charity events, sponsored fish in’s as well as carp matches may be organised again prior notice will be given. These events will be planned for 1 weekend in mid-April, mid-May and mid-Sept. East Lake is normally the venue for these events due to the high head of fish.

All the lakes do have resident wildlife and anglers should note that during the breeding and nesting season the population of Mute Swans, Canada and Greylag geese on the lakes can be very territorial and aggressive. In the case of nesting Swans on no account should an attempt be made to approach a nesting Cob or Pen. Anglers are also requested to keep to footpaths and only fish from identified swims, please take any litter away or use the bins provided - and most important of all please do not discard line or hooks.

Travel to the Lakes

Although the fishing lakes are on site they are a considerable walking distance so we recommend access via a short drive out of the park and back through a seperate entrance. Outside main reception is a boarded sign showing a map of the lakes. To get to the opposite side of the complex by car turn right at the top of the main drive follow the road for approximately 2 miles until you reach the mini roundabout at the Walnut Tree Pub, turn right, follow the road for 1 mile until you get to the pedestrian crossing by the school on your right. On the bend turn right down school lane go down the track over 3 speed humps then turn left down a tree lined track. You will then arrive at East Lake. There are other signs for the lakes prominently displayed around the fishery.