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Why holidays are good for your health and well-being

It’s not like anyone really needs an excuse to take a holiday, but if you do, recent research shows that they are actually good for you. Take a look at the top 6 health benefits of holidays below…


Reducing stress

Taking a much needed break away is one of the best ways to relieve the stresses of your daily responsibilities. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax, whether you use them as a time to disconnect or to burn off the physical energy that you can’t manage in the workplace – either is bound to provide much needed relief.

more sleep

Catch up on sleep

Lack of sleep is often the result of us having too much on our minds, sometimes a distraction is all you need to slow things down. Switch off your alarm and sleep in as long as you want, catching up on much needed sleep will improve your mood and increase productivity!

family time

Time with family and friends

We all benefit from being around friends and family, but spending quality time together can prove difficult in this day and age. With work commitments, school, nurseries, homework and more, the demands of daily life can mean our time together with loved ones is frantic or limited. Treat yourself to a mental health break and create unforgettable memories. Quality time with your nearest and dearest is proven to reduce stress and improve your psychological well-being.

break from technology

A break from technology

Though it’s not essential to unplug on holiday, there’s no reason not to. Ditch the constant phone checking, and focus instead on drinking in the natural beauty of the local area or immerse yourself in fun-filled activities that don’t involve Apps or Netflix. Indulge in your favourite pastimes of fishing, hiking, golfing or just lying in the sun. Your holiday is the perfect opportunity to disconnect devices and reconnect with those around you. And yes, if you must, you can post about it afterwards on social media.



It’s likely that while on holiday you’ll become more active without even realising. With swimming pools and climbing walls, holidays introduce you to a fun alternative to burning calories on the treadmill. Dance the night away with fantastic live entertainment in the clubhouse or spend the day exploring a new and exciting countryside or shoreline. It’s all exercise and it all counts!


Create Lasting Memories

Taking a break from your daily routine and allowing yourself to completely relax in the moment is sure to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. And isn't that what life is all about?

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