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Facts about Kent

The Top Facts You Need to Know About Kent

Kent is known as the 'Garden of England', particularly for its blooming orchards and hop gardens. The county is an excellent spot for those who enjoy strawberry and hazelnut picking. As one of England's oldest counties, it is enriched with great history.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday home to rent or for sale in Kent, Park Holiday’s has six fantastic holiday parks all over the county. From Whitstable to the Isle of Sheppy in the north to Romney and Dymchurch in the south, we’ve covered almost every top location in Kent.

Are you looking to spend your holiday in Kent? Read on to discover great facts and places you need to check out!


Where is Kent?

Kent is a county located in South East England and is one of the home counties. It neighbours Greater London, Surrey, East Sussex and Essex across the estuary of the River Thames. It is home to many towns and cities, including Gillingham, Dartford, Ashford, Rochester, Margate, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Gravesend and Canterbury.


The History of Kent

Going by the well-known saying ‘good things come in small packages’, Fordwich must be incredible, being Britain's smallest town- population-wise.


Places to visit in Kent

Fordwich, Kent - Britain's Smallest Town Ever!

Going by the well-known saying ‘good things come in small packages’, Fordwich must be incredible, being Britain's smallest town- population-wise.

The Isle of Thanet

Located on the east side of Kent, some say this place combines Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs. Home to the famous Margate Caves, Dreamland amusement park and the only Royal harbour in the country. It’s got a fantastic array of arts, culture, food and drink variety – perfect for couples, families and everyone in between

Isle of Sheppey

If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, you’ll be glad to know that the famous gypsy tart originates from this place. A concoction of muscovado sugar, evaporated milk – the sweet dessert is often served with crème fraiche or yoghurt.


Four Interesting Facts about Kent

1. The first white road lines were painted in Ashford

The first ‘white line’ road markings were painted on several dangerous bends on the London to Folkestone road in Ashford in 1914. During the 1920s, road markings increased dramatically on UK roads.

2. Kent is the proud supplier of Wimbledon's famed strawberries

Ever been watching Wimbledon and suddenly found yourself craving a bowl of fresh strawberries (accompanied by some double cream, of course)? Kent is the proud supplier of Wimbledon’s perfectly formed strawberries - each juicy red berry must measure 25 mm-45 mm in diameter, be entirely red all over and without the slightest hint of a defect.

Kent Strawberries

3. The oldest known horse fossil was found in Herne Bay

No, we’re not horsing around! The fossil of the world's earliest known horse, dating back 54 million years ago, was rediscovered in Herne Bay last year. It was initially found in the cliffs at Studd Hill in 1838 and since then was much forgotten about until it was rediscovered by Alan Porter, trustee of The Seaside Museum. He claims that this has now given Herne Bay ‘world recognition’ and is allowing Herne Bay to be considered as the birthplace of the horse officially

4. Laurel and Hardy opened The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway

Comedy double act Laurel and Hardy opened the famous Kent tourist attraction: The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway, in 1947. Despite the heavy rain, the stars were welcomed by large crowds charmed by their slapstick-style comedy. The line showcases Kent’s most breathtaking scenery, including the picturesque Cinque Port of Hythe, which continues to the lighthouses and fishermen’s cottages at Dungeness.

Laurel and Hardy

Why not discover the Kentish history yourself and see what the county offers? Visit one of our six-holiday parks in Kent to explore the local area, attractions, history and much more. Please share with your friends and family to see how many of these facts they know!

Caravan Holidays in Kent

Discover our Holiday Parks in Kent for an enjoyable and relaxing trip with the family.


Kent Holidays

Affectionately known as the “Garden of England” (thanks to Henry VIII) Kent features a coastline of famous holiday resorts. From Whitstable and the Isle of Sheppey in the north to Romney in the south, we've got Kent covered!

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