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“Climate change” is currently the hot-button topic on everyone’s lips, and it seems we all have an opinion - as well as a part to play.

Regardless of whether you’ve decided to go green for moral reasons or perhaps to save money, every step a Holiday Home Owner takes towards being more eco-friendly is one that will benefit the immediate park environment, and probably the planet’s future too – if only in a small (but significant) way.

We’ve put together a practical and easy guide on how to become more eco-friendly, have a greener holiday home, and reduce your carbon footprint.


Reuse, reduce & recycle

Try to reuse items or invest in re-usable alternatives, to avoid throwing them away and needing them again. These types of items can include; plastic bags, plastic bottles, paper towels and plastic cutlery. There are many re-usable options that are inexpensive, and in the long run, this will save you money and additional waste that could be avoided.

It has been well publicised that you should never buy plastic straws (we are proud to say that plastic straws were banned in our holiday park clubhouses over 2 years ago) but if you extend this thinking a little you can soon find more examples.

Reduce water usage - there are plenty of ways to manage this, especially in the bathroom. The easiest way is to be more aware of the amount of time and water that you’re using during a bath, showering or brushing your teeth. Baths are generally quite wasteful so try to limit them (and then luxuriate in them longer for full benefit). Try to keep your showers to under 5 minutes (why not set an alarm?) and never, ever leave the water running while you brush your teeth. Small changes with a necessary impact.

Here at Park Holidays UK we put all our energy into reusing your general waste. With the help of Veolia, we divert as much waste from our parks from landfill as possible; it can be used to create energy and preserve scarce resources. Our waste goes on to make energy to help power local homes in the area.


Eco-friendly products

Install energy-efficient lighting and appliances, all appliances are energy rated so you are able to choose those that are most energy efficient. For example an A-rated appliance is more eco-friendly than an E-rated appliance.

Another eco-friendly product is energy efficient lighting; this easy change helps to save money on electricity usage and is better for the environment. They also tend to last 25 times longer, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often in between visits to your holiday home.


Enjoy a Staycation

There’s plenty to be explored on your doorstep, without the hassle of airports and exchange rates, not to mention burning all that fossil fuel. Why not switch it up, try a Staycation this year and enjoy a destination closer to home? Stay at your personal retreat right here in the UK with its many delights and comforts.

Alternatively, our holiday parks are scattered across a huge number of counties across the Southern UK coastline, and as an owner with Park Holidays UK you are welcome to visit them all with an additional discount of 20%, giving you the freedom to travel the UK whenever you please during the holiday season.


Switch it off

Turn off your electrical items when you aren’t using them. This may sound like the easiest tip, but even when your computer is off but still plugged in and the plug switch is on, it requires power to be in ‘standby mode’. It may be a small change but it will save you money and definitely help the environment in the long run.

Take advantage of local public transport

Until we’re all driving fully electric vehicles, leave the car behind and make exploring the local area a real adventure. Many of our holiday parks have accessible public transport nearby and are in walking distance of other local areas and attractions. Failing that jump on a bike and ride!

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