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The Environment

We take our responsibilities seriously

In these days of environmental awareness, it's important that every business and every individual think about their impact on the environment.

We are fortunate that our holiday parks are close to the major towns and cities of the South and the East coast. Individual travel choices will have a dramatic impact on emissions – travelling to one of our holiday parks is likely to have a much lower impact than flying abroad or even travelling longer distances to more distant UK destinations.

As we mostly market ourselves online we have a further benefit – each year we sell more holidays, but print fewer brochures. We are committed to continue our focus on using less and less paper.

On park we design our buildings to try and minimise energy use, and local management are financially incentivised to reduce consumption and control waste. We believe in the principle of ‘think globally, act locally’.

When it comes to accommodation we also put green principles to the fore. We employ a refurbishment strategy to extend the life and improve the quality of our accommodation.

the environment

Our guests can help of course; please turn off lights and heating when not needed, and separate out recyclable waste as you would at home. Most parks provide recycling facilities, if not they are nearby and our reception staff can advise you of the precise locations.

As substantial landowners our environmental responsibilities extend beyond our carbon footprint. We are responsible for many lakes, hundreds of acres of woodland, and lengths of protected coastline, and we will continue to champion environmental causes wherever possible going forward.


Environmentally Friendly Holiday Home Ownership

You can be a Holiday Home owner and do your bit for the planet's future with our handy (and green) tips!

important dates

Important Dates

Handy helper with bank holiday dates, access to your local school holiday dates and the opening dates for each park.