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10 Reasons Why Buying a Holiday Home in the UK Beats Buying Abroad

Purchasing your first holiday home is an exciting, if sometimes daunting experience, and there are many factors to take into consideration. This is especially true if you are deliberating between buying here in the UK or buying abroad.

Landscove Holiday Park

Landscove Holiday Park, Devon

We have put together 10 reasons why we think a UK Staycation with us is the way forward!

We feel that there are plenty of beautiful places to choose from right here in the UK - and we’re lucky enough to have holiday parks in some of the most sought-after locations for the perfect staycation.

jurassic coast

Staying closer to home

Some people may not feel completely comfortable with air travel or navigating through an airport. However, if you purchase a UK holiday home, you can jump in the car and enjoy the journey in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle, at your own pace and schedule - Plus you can get away as often as you like! This option provides a sense of security that you may not experience when staying in a hotel or a bed and breakfast.

no more flight delays

Airport struggles

In addition to the risks with travelling abroad, you will also avoid arriving to the airport 3 hours earlier than your flight, queues or flight delays - when you are eager to start your holiday! When buying a holiday home in the UK, there is sure to be none of that. Plus, you can avoid the below-average, lukewarm plane food, squashed legs - and it is better for the environment!


England’s beauty

The UK boasts some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes, countryside and coastlines in the world, from the historic Jurassic Coast to the dramatic highlands of Scotland. There are also some of the greatest attractions in the world from internationally renowned zoos to thrilling theme parks, and you’d be hard-pressed to match the UK on its rich and fascinating history right on our doorstep!



We don’t know about you, but there always seems to be that before-holiday panic where you’ve either forgotten to purchase your extra small toiletries or to change your money (at an extortionate rate). You can avoid all of that when purchasing in the UK, as well as no extra bank charges, like using a debit card abroad.


Shorter travel time

When traveling abroad, there’s the uncertainty of how long it will actually take you to get to your destination. Even when you think you’ve planned the whole journey, guaranteed there will be something that doesn’t go quite to plan. From getting to the airport, the (previously mentioned) often delayed flight itself, then the journey on the other side, it really can be an exhausting experience. However, when purchasing in the UK, you can cut out all (or at least most of that uncertainty) – hurrah!


Checking on your holiday home regularly

On average most of our owners live 1-2 hours away from their chosen holiday park, meaning that they’re able to easily jump in the car and pop down whenever they wish to. Less hassle and minimal costs involved. Sure beats a flight, or better still, forking out for a management company abroad.

pack as much as you like

Pack as much as you like

You can bring as much as you like when visiting your UK holiday home (obviously, within reason). There’ll be no worrying about whether you’ve gone over your luggage weight allowance, no tough decisions about which outfits to pack, and no ditching your favourite shampoo or aftershave. And the best part is, you can leave your stuff there for the next time, and shelve the whole packing/unpacking chore!

your pet

Take your furry friend

If you’re in the 45% of UK households that own a pet, you’ll know just how much they are an integral part of the family. And if you choose to purchase a holiday home within the UK (and certainly at one of our holiday parks) you won’t have to worry about asking your friends or family to look after them, or pay extra to put your pooch into kennels, as you’re free to bring them with you – after all, they deserve doggy leisure time too!


Let your holiday home and earn

A lot of our owners choose to let their holiday home as a way of helping to cover running costs and gain useful income while they’re not using it themselves. And the best bit is, Park Holidays UK can manage everything for you, from advertising to key handling and cleaning. Find out more information on letting and how much you could earn here


Free use of all the park’s facilities

At Park Holidays UK, we regularly invest in complex refurbishment and updates of the park’s facilities. Our owners get to enjoy all of these facilities, and without the stress of maintenance. From indoor and outdoor swimming pools, friendly clubhouses, adventure playgrounds for the younger members of the family, and amusements and arcades, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on our holiday parks.

indoor swimming pool

New indoor swimming pool at Rye Harbour Holiday Park, Sussex

These are just some of the reasons we believe buying a holiday home in the UK will beat buying abroad; Click here to find out more about becoming an owner at Park Holidays UK.

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