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dog friendly beaches in hampshire

Dog Friendly Beaches in Hampshire


Why your dogs will love Hampshire’s beaches

If you own a dog – or are lucky enough to have more than one – you’ll know that a simple seaside holiday can quickly become exasperating, as you arrive at your coastal destination only to find that pooches are banned from all the nearby beaches.

Dogs get quite a bad rap when it comes to beaches, but all owners of four-legged friends argue that if they’re kept under control (and cleaned up after) there’s no reason they shouldn’t enjoy the same access as the rest of us. It’s hard not to feel this way when you realise how happy they are playing at the shoreline! So with so many lovely things to see and do in Hampshire why let restricted beach access for pets hold you back?


Many of these beaches – Solent Breezes, Old Portsmouth Beach and Southsea – are great shingle beaches, where access is partly restricted. In other words, dogs are generally welcome, but you’ll need to check the signage for seasonal bans in certain areas. (But don’t let this put you off)


Solent Breezes

Solent Breezes, which can be accessed directly from our nearby holiday park, is a relatively private stretch of shingle which offers panoramic views stretching as far as Calshot and the Isle of Wight.

Southsea is a lively place, and its beach runs from Eastney to Old Portsmouth. There’s a promenade and a beautiful canoe lake. Admittedly, dogs don't tend to sail canoes, but it's still well worth a visit.

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Lee on the Solent

Lee-on-Solent Beach is perfect for watching the ships come and go, and has grassy areas plus a walkway right along its length, perfect for those who enjoy an easy-going constitutional without exerting themselves too much.

Also across from the Isle of Wight is Hill Head beach; this one too has a paved walkway along with a little harbour and the attractive Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve - packed with fascinating flora and fauna. 

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There’s also Old Portsmouth Beach, Southsea, and Barton-On-Sea.

All of these locations are a great way to explore Hampshire’s coast with your dog(s), but it’s also worth knowing which beaches offer completely unrestricted access, so you never need to worry about the small print on those visitor signs.

Our top pick for this would be Milford-on-Sea, with its stunning pebble beach, cafes and great views of the Isle of Wight, and Calshot, plus it boasts a wonderful 16th century castle for all those history buffs.

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If you’re a dog owner with plans to visit Hampshire, we hope these tips have helped. Of course, always remember to clean up after your pets, check the signs and keep your dogs on a leash if required. Dogs love playing by the sea, and there are few things more rewarding than seeing your pooches really cut loose and enjoy themselves on their holiday!

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