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Best Beach Hacks

8 of the Best Beach Hacks and Tips you’ll wish you knew sooner

When planning a trip to the beach, especially with children, it can be tough to pack efficiently. You want to avoid overloading the beach bag to the point where it's impossible to cram more in - and the handles are on the verge of snapping.

But with our handy list of top beach tips and tricks (our favourite is number seven), you will be able to pack exactly what you need to enjoy a stress-free trip to the beach.


Get Rid Of Unwanted Sand

Hate the feeling of trying to get your shoes back on when you’ve got wet, sandy feet? Take talcum or baby powder with you which is a lifesaver to help get rid of unwanted sand. Simply rub the powder over your feet and it will absorb the moisture, leaving the grains of sand to easily fall off.


Protect Your Valuables

If you’re running around after the kids,  and trying to make sure everyone is safe and having fun (and trying to have a bit of fun yourself) you don’t want the added hassle of protecting your valuables and cash. Hide them in something less obvious than a purse or wallet (or the classic bottom of the shoe!). Why not try stashing them in a clean sun cream bottle, wrapped up in a clean nappy, or even in an empty Pringles pot?

mesh bag

Mesh Bag Toy Storage

If you’re heading to the beach with young children or toddlers, this is a great tip! Store their toys in a mesh bag both at the beach and in the car, then just give it a shake out before leaving the beach, and the sand will disappear right through those little holes!

aloe vera ice cubes

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

Now we all know that keeping ourselves protected in the sun is of the upmost importance, but sometimes even the most careful of us manage to get sunburnt. To soothe sunburn, freeze Aloe Vera gel in an ice cube tray, and use to soothe and replenish your skin, helping to minimise the redness and pain.


Pocketed Beach Towels

If you want to keep all of your beach essentials to hand, but don’t want to keep rummaging through your beach bag, then this hack is for you. Take an oversized beach towel and sew different sized pockets at the bottom of it so that you can easily reach your book, earphones, or sun cream whenever you want them. (It’s actually easier than it sounds – give it a go!)

cool shoes

Keep Your Shoes Cool

It may seem obvious but to stop your shoes or sandals from burning your feet after hours of sitting in the sun, just make sure you flip them over so they’re facing downwards. Or for added protection put them underneath a spare towel.


Sand-Free Lounging Space

Another sand-related tip, but, then there’s a lot of that irritating stuff at the coastline! To create your own sand-free zone at the beach, take a fitted bed sheet with you and place heavy items in the corners so that they fold up, leaving you with plenty of designated space to relax and enjoy the sun. Great for claiming a good patch of territory on the beach too.

waterproof your phone

Waterproof Your Phone

Worried about getting water on your phone at the beach? Pop it in a plastic sandwich bag and seal the top to keep it watertight. If you have a smartphone, you can use the touchscreen through the plastic, allowing you to continue capturing that awesome beach photography.

Which of these will you be giving a go this summer? Share with your family and friends by using the buttons below, they’ll be sure to thank you later!

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