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5 health benefits of owning by the coast

Owning your own holiday home is a fantastic opportunity, and a seaside retreat is one of the very best ways to go.

The UK is filled with quaint little towns and stunning landscapes, but we feel that the areas across the southern coast have an undeniable and beguiling charm. From Devon all the way up to Suffolk, our holiday parks occupy fantastic coastal locations, with a little something for everyone.

Other than the undeniable beauty of the southern coast, it turns out there are many other health benefits to owning a place by the sea!

Fingle Bridge and Woods

Active days out

Being so close to the seaside, there are so many great activities on your doorstep. Spend your days swimming and surfing or taking brisk walks along the promenade, such beautiful surroundings encourage increased activity levels without you even realising! These will become a part of your daily lifestyle while staying in your holiday home and help to increase your overall fitness.

Fingle Bridge and Woods

Better sleep

Breathing in fresh sea air is actually proven to help you sleep. Sea air is generally cleaner than you’d be used to in traffic-heavy towns or cities and the increased oxygen levels help you fall into a deeper sleep. Being well rested is highly beneficial to your health as it promotes a healthy immune system.

Fingle Bridge and Woods

Relax and de-stress

The soothing sound of waves rolling over golden sands can be extremely peaceful. Allowing yourself to take five and enjoy the southern coastline will help clear your mind - the enormity of the sea helps you gain perspective and dissolve any minor stresses or worries.

Fingle Bridge and Woods

Fresh seafood

Any seafood lover, foodie or health nut can appreciate fresh produce, not only is it filled with vital nutrients but actually tastes better than preserved food! When visiting the coast, you can enjoy fresh seafood straight from the ocean every single day.

Fingle Bridge and Woods

Time with family and friends

Everyone loves a trip to the seaside with so many great activities available for the whole family to enjoy. Take a peaceful walk along the shore, or enjoy a fun-filled day out at the seaside amusements. Quality time with family and friends has been proven to help manage stress and anxiety. Kids and adults will all have a blast visiting you at your coastal holiday home!

It’s clear there are so many benefits of living on the coast, but you don’t necessarily need to move to enjoy all that it has to offer! Find your ideal lodge or caravan and make the coast your home away from home.

Holiday Home Ownership

Owning a caravan holiday home or lodge at one of our UK holiday parks gives you the freedom to enjoy a whole new leisure lifestyle, and holiday whenever you want.

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