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fun facts about Sussex

Some fun facts about Sussex to share round the dinner table


The Battle of Hastings

We’ll start with the most famous secret of Sussex.

1066 is a date we all have etched in our minds from history lessons; this was the year that the famous Battle of Hastings took place in Sussex’s treasured town of Hastings. However, not many people know that this historic battle didn’t even take place in Hastings – it took place about six miles up the road at Senlac Hill (this should be the authentic Sussex point of interest). If you feel as though your life is a lie, wait until you find out the insurance firm 'Hastings Direct' is actually based in Bexhill.


Paul McCartney is a Doctor of the University of Sussex

Alongside Anita Roddick in 1988, Paul McCartney received an honorary degree from the University of Sussex in 1988, naming them the first ever ‘Doctors of the University’. The Beatles had stopped making music long before this, but he was one of the first celebrities to be granted an honorary degree. He currently resides in Peasmarsh in East Sussex.

One of the most recent notable names in the list of honorary graduates is Jon Snow – the news reporter, not the Game of Thrones character. He’s been working with Channel 4 since 1989, and is an active charity worker.

brighton marina

Brighton Marina is the largest marina in Europe

Not only that, but it’s one of the largest marinas of the world. It covers an area of 127 acres – 35 of which is land. Before being declared ready for business use in 1979 by Queen Elizabeth II, it cost just £50,000 to purchase the land required and is completely artificial.


Piers Morgan was born in Sussex

Newick. Onto the next fact.


Quite a few world records have been set in Worthing

This includes the longest most consecutive rounds of kickboxing, the longest football marathon, and perhaps most impressively: the heaviest fig ever grown, weighing in at a mighty 295 grams.

In 2013, 1,276 people dressed as elves to populate the town centre. Although scandalously no one from Guinness World Records has commented on this, this beats the world record by a massive 514 elves!

A special mention also goes out to Craig Peters, a personal trainer from Worthing who attempted to break the record number of burpees completed in one day. His aim was to beat the record of 10,110, however he had to retire at 6,500 due to exhaustion. Strong effort, Craig!


Eastbourne is the 28th largest town without city status

Not the most significant place in the leaderboard, but the numbers are fun!

With a population of 109,185 people (as of 2015), Eastbourne is the 28th largest town in the UK. Worthing is the 29th largest with a population of 109,120 (as of the same date). Not too far from Sussex, Reading tops the list with a whopping 218,705 residents.


Sussex Holidays

A county steeped in history, with an amazing coastline to explore. Hastings is a fascinating location, while Rye is another "must-visit" just along the coast. We have four parks in East Sussex and one at Chichester.

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