Unusual Family Holidays - Where to find the Weird

Looking to do something a little bit different during your holiday time? Read on for a selection of fun and unusual activities that (hopefully) will pull you out of your comfort zone.

Canterbury ghost tours

Canterbury ghost tours

John Hippisley, an award winning 'Ghost Hunter' and local historian, leads the pack on a spooky expedition through the streets of Canterbury.

You’ll be terrified to hear about the things that the Canterbury Cathedral guards have witnessed while on duty, the horrifying tragedy found within a local tearoom, and why you should never ever mess around with a Ouija board.

John has been running this tour for the last 25 years, and the success is down to his attention to detail, vast historical knowledge and his delightfully quick wit.

Park Holidays guests receive 10% off standard admission.

Nearby holiday parks: Harts, Alberta, Seaview, Birchington Vale


Jetstream tour

The Jetstream tours provide a service for you to take a journey departing from Rochester Pier, Chatham Dockyard, Gravesend Town Pier or Southend Pier.

You can choose between a Rochester circular cruise, a day trip in Southend, visiting the Redsand Towers and many other tours and activities.

See their website here for more information.

Nearby holiday parks: Harts, Steeple Bay

unlock the rock

Unlock the Rock (Escape Room in St. Osyth)

Have you ever heard of an escape room in a Park Holidays UK park? Well, now you have: ‘Unlock the Rock’ is an exclusive escape room based in St Osyth Holiday Park in Essex.

It’s one of Park Holiday’s best kept secrets – can you open all five safes in 30 minutes?

Available at: St Osyth Beach

oasis camel centre

Oasis Camel centre

The UK’s only Camel park is based in North Suffolk. Just a short drive from Carlton Meres Holiday Park, everyday is 'humpday' at this perfect day out!

Although the camels take the headlines, there’s plenty more to see and do! Play with and feed the meerkats, walk the llamas and alpacas, take a ride on the ‘Land Train’, cuddle the baby goats, stroke the guinea pigs – shall I go on?

Make sure to pack your camera, because the photo opportunities here are endless!

Park Holidays UK guests receive £1.50 off per person (maximum of 6 persons)

Nearby holiday parks: Carlton Meres

Hover archery

Hover archery

Fancy yourself as the next Legolas, Katniss Everdeen or Darryl Dixon? (Didn't we do well not to mention 'Robin Hood'? Whoops!) Then you’ve hit the bullseye with Park Holiday UK’s Hover Archery – the perfect opportunity to get some target practice in.

Perfect for all ages, we use hover air-jet technology to provide an experience to make you all-a-quiver.

Available at: Birchington Vale, Broadland Sands, Carlton Meres, Chichester Lakeside, Dawlish Sands, Dovercourt, Felixstowe Beach, Golden Sands, Harts, Landscove, Marlie, Martello Beach, New Beach, Pevensey Bay, Riviera Bay, Seaview, Seawick, St Osyth Beach, Steeple Bay

True Crime Museum

True Crime Museum

Let’s be honest, we all have a macabre, ingrained curiosity when it comes to the dark subject of crime, serial killers,  and generally dastardly folk (not to mention the forensics that help capture them). The True Crime Museum in Hastings embraces this with exhibits that cover true life stories, including ‘The Deadly Doctor’, Axe Killers, poisoners and many more diabolical murderers.

Don’t miss out on seeing a genuine lethal injection death bed, real love letters sent from a serial killer, and learning about the infamous Hastings ripper suspect. The fascinating world of forensics is also on display along with some of the more punishing prison practices. This little gem of a museum is based on the Hastings seafront.

Park Holidays UK guests receive £1 off standard entry.

Nearby holiday parks: Coghurst Hall, Beauport, Winchelsea Sands, Rye Harbour



Immerse yourself in a unique holiday experience with PHVR – a virtual reality gaming experience available at selected holiday parks at Park Holidays UK.

Virtual reality takes you to another dimension, submerging into an alternative artificial reality. Here, you’ll find yourself in unlikely scenarios, such as walking-the-plank off on a ten-storey building, shooting a bow and arrow at bad guys, climbing Mt. Everest without a safety cable (and no queuing), the list goes on!

Available at: Broadland Sands, Felixstowe Beach, Seawick, St Osyth, Steeple Bay, Harts, Birchington Vale, New Beach, Marlie, Winchelsea Sands

Tutankhamun exhibition

Tutankhamun exhibition

Currently based in Dorchester, this exhibition is a remarkable replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb and treasures.

In about 1333 BC, at the age of nine, Tutankhamun’s claim to the throne was strong enough for him to succeed as Pharaoh of all Egypt. Learn all about the life and death of the discovery, the life and the murder of the young king of Ancient Egypt.

This exhibition is internationally acclaimed and is featured on television worldwide.

Park Holidays UK guests receive entry to all 5 museums for the price of 2.

Nearby holiday parks: Sandhills

Water Walkers

Water Walkers

Run, roll, spin, jump, or hardest of all, just try standing up – Water Walkers provide great fun for people of all ages!

You’ll stay dry, but can you stay on your feet?

Available at: Broadland Sands, Felixstowe Beach, Seawick, Harts, New Beach, Golden Sands, St Osyth Beach



Ever wanted to play Cluedo in real-life? CluedUpp Detective is a crime-solving adventure game scaled up to a city-wide gaming experience, and on August 17th 2019 the world’s biggest Cluedo game comes to Hastings.

Gather your friends (bagsy I'm Colonel Mustard!) and put your detective skills to the test for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Nearby holiday parks: Beauport, Coghurst Hall, Winchelsea Sands, Rye Harbour, Pevensey Bay


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