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Reasons to Camping Pod

Reasons to POD - why it's our most fun accommodation ever

Camping Pod holidays are ideal for seasoned and would-be campers, providing an opportunity to get back to nature, without the risk of soggy socks or backache from sleeping on hard ground.

They’re perfect for those who can’t bear to part with all of their creature comforts, while enjoying the simplicity sometimes lost with full-on ‘glamping’ holidays. There are so many reasons why we feel Camping Pods are the way forward, here’s just a few…

the new forest

No tents

Erecting your tent is a challenging task that many of us would rather avoid. Add the harsh reality of British weather into the mix (wind that whips up the canvas is particularly annoying) and the thought alone is enough to start an argument with your camping companions.

No tent means no big bag, pegs or ropes required, saving space in the car or preventing an argument if forgotten. There's also no wasted phone data You-Tubing ‘How to’ videos, and no loss of battery for arriving late and having to use your torch. Your Camping Pod accommodation is ready and waiting on arrival.

the new forest

Escape technology

Do you often find yourself spending time scrolling through Facebook memories when you could be making them? The best thing about camping is taking the time to unplug and rediscover the beauty around you, spending quality time with friends and family - and escaping the chaos of day to day life.

Camping Pods provide the perfect middle ground with power outlets that ensure you have just enough “juice” to power the basics, navigate your way around the area (or indeed, post that perfect scenic shot to your Instagram), while the peaceful campsite surroundings help you recharge. Oh, and before you fall into a digital panic we do have Free WiFi available in all of our park clubhouses.

the new forest

A cozy nights sleep

There’s something infinitely relaxing about listening to the rain outside while tucked up in your sleeping bag, but that typical camping experience often comes with the compromise of sleeping on the hard ground with a damp pillow, surrounded by intrusive insects.

The added creature comforts of Camping Pods such as proper beds, double-glazed windows and doors, electricity and heating means that even if temperatures do drop, you’re sure to get the best night’s sleep - without sacrificing that cozy outdoor experience.

the new forest


Getting away at a low cost is an added bonus with any holiday; with park locations all along the south coast you’re more than likely within a reasonable driving distance, meaning lower travel costs. You can tailor your holiday to fit any budget, with optional extras, and make full use of facilities on site (swimming pools, clubhouses, playgrounds, arcades and more) with entertainment passes that are provided free of charge.*

*Direct bookings only.

the new forest

Unique experience

The perfect mix of comfort and simplicity provides a unique experience unlike any other. We find that kids in particular love the "adventure". Camping Pods are a luxurious alternative to camping, providing a level of comfort that cannot be matched when staying in a tent, while maintaining the same ‘outdoorsy’ charm and adventure that most campers or tourers love.


Camping Pod Holidays

Why not holiday in a brand new way? Try something a little different by mixing a small dose of luxury with a traditional outdoor adventure.

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