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Best hiking trails in Lossiemouth

Scotland is the best place to get some fresh air and head out on a hike - due to its stunning coastline and easy trails to follow. Whether you’re hiking alone, as a couple, or with the family, there are many coastal routes to follow along the Moray Coast, in the beautiful village of Lossiemouth.

Hiking is the best, free activity out there that is completely what you make it, whether that’s running, cycling, dog-walking or simply an easy stroll to a nice café for something to eat. We have come up with a list of four of the best trails that are suited to all types of people of different fitness levels and needs- for the complete beginner to the experienced hiker.

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Moray Coast- Lossiemouth to Burghead.

This trail is considered as being an easy to moderate route that is easy to follow due to it being point-to-point. It is a perfect route for families and for those who are new to hiking, it is a 14.0km trail and should roughly take 3hours to complete. It is a rather quiet walk where you usually won’t encounter many other hikers along the way. The route begins in Lossiemouth and follows along the coastline, giving hikers the scenic views that they expect from Scotland. There are several caves you will go past that are great for exploring as well as photo opportunities, but they are slightly hard to get down to and will make you detour off the route slightly.

If this sounds inviting to you, you are in luck as we have three of our holiday parks in these areas! We have two parks situated in Lossiemouth- Lossiemouth and Silver Sands, being only an 8-minute drive apart. Lossiemouth Holiday Park is a peaceful and tranquil park located next to the banks of River Lossie and Silver Sands Holiday Park is directly on the Moray Coast on a picturesque, sandy beach with more facilities for children such as a pool and amusement arcade. Alternatively, we have Burghead Holiday Park, located at the other end of this trail- being only an 11 minute and 20 minute drive from the Lossiemouth area parks. Burghead is adjacent to a seawater bay and is the perfect area to relax and unwind; there are no facilities available at this park, but you are free to use the neighbouring parks’ facilities.

7 things for under 7s – Devon

Lossiemouth-Golf Course walk

If you have a free 20 minutes whilst in Lossiemouth and fancy a quick walk, then this is the route for you. This is a very easy walk for all levels at only 1.6km long (1 mile) as is perfect for golf lovers as well as plane lovers, and if you love both- that’s a bonus! Watch keen golfers play at Moray Golf Club and look out for fighter jets flying overhead as the RAF Lossiemouth is located next to the golf club. The walk starts at Moray Golf Club, where you walk along the course to the beach look-out and then back, you can expect to see views of the Covesea Lighthouse over the Moray Firth along the way. Buggies and wheelchairs should be fine along this trail but should take care with some uneven ground.

7 things for under 7s – Devon

Lossiemouth to Elgin Railway Line

This trail is a 12.7km journey out and back and considered to be a relatively easy walk, although it is lengthy. It is averagely expected to take 2hours and 40minutes to complete and again, is a relatively quiet trail. It is great for all types of physical activity such as hiking, jogging, running and mountain biking. The trail starts at Lossiemouth on the Moray Coastline and goes in-land toward the countryside- perfect for those craving the country lifestyle after spending time along the Scottish Coast and are looking for a change in scenery. This trail is great for you if you are interested in history, as you will walk along the old railway line that once operated between Lossiemouth and Elgin. There is a waypoint at Spynie Palace along the trail that you will pass close to (you can also visit the palace so this may be worth adding to the walk)- the palace is also of historical significance as this is where the Bishops of Moray lived, dating back to the 12th century.

7 things for under 7s – Devon

Lossiemouth to Kingston on Spey

This hike is not best suited to beginners, being a 23.8km journey there and back. It is considered a moderately challenging route and should take on average, 4hours and 45minutes to complete. The trail is open all year round and provides scenic views along the coastline. This route is dog friendly, which is good for avid dog walkers to know, but the dogs must be on a lead. There are a lot of historical stop-off points along the way, especially war-time history and remains of bunkers. Perfect again for hiking, dog walking, mountain biking and running, but a stop off for something to eat on a walk this length is definitely recommended.

This is far from all of the hikes in the area of Lossiemouth- there are many more, short and long, but we hope this has helped you plan your trip with fun, cheap activities to keep you occupied around Lossiemouth.

If you like the sound of these hikes and the area of Lossiemouth, Scotland and it feels like somewhere you’d like to visit more than once, why don’t you consider holiday home ownership at either Lossiemouth Holiday Park, Silver Sands or Burghead and enjoy a second home that you can visit as often as you’d like, or alternatively use our popular letting scheme to earn extra income for when you are not there. If you are interested in holiday home ownership at any of these parks you can call on 0343 178 7065 or alternatively email-

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Situated on the North-east coast of Scotland on the banks of the River Lossie, surrounded by picturesque countryside, but just a short stroll from gorgeous unspoilt sandy beaches. Enjoy birdwatching, long walks or spotting the famous bottlenose dolphins.

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