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Holiday Home Maintenance – how to keep yours in top shape

There’s nothing more exciting than purchasing your very own holiday home, so don’t forget to look after it! We’ve got some top tips to keep your special holiday retreat looking its very best.

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Firstly, a thorough clean inside and out!

With the warm weather round the corner, what better time to give your holiday home a spring cleaning? We think the best place to start is with a cleaning checklist for your holiday home, to make sure you have all the supplies needed! Below are a few essentials:

  • Hose/bucket(s) of water
  • Ladder and extendable or long handled brush/mop – for the top of the caravan
  • Sponge or wash mitt
  • Specialist caravan shampoo/window cleaner/polish

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Here are some cleaning tasks that should be repeated regularly -

Clear any leaves and other debris off the roof using the long brush or mop.

If you have decking sweep it regularly.

Clean the exterior walls of the caravan with a sponge or cloth - bird’s mess is probably your biggest bug bear but dust will also accumulate.

Make sure all of the air vents are clear of debris, and regularly open all of the windows to allow air to circulate; this will help to prevent against damp.

Tidy up as you go along rather than leaving washing up or mess to accumulate.

Not so much a cleaning tip but do remember to keep all of your caravan or lodge windows and doors locked when you are not in your holiday home.

However, if getting down and dirty isn’t your thing, Park Holidays UK also provide a variety of holiday home cleaning services across our parks. Services include: Exterior Wash Only, Exterior Wash with Decking or Spring Clean (Inc. carpets & upholstery). These can be booked by contacting the park reception team.

winter is coming

How to winterise your holiday home

The cold can have devastating effects on your holiday home, so it is important that you take steps to protect it. The main step for looking after your holiday home during the colder months is a drain down. This is to prevent the water left throughout the pipes of the holiday home freezing and potentially bursting them.

To make packing your holiday home up for the winter hassle free, we provide a drain down service across all of our holiday parks and is carried out by our experienced park maintenance team.

Don’t forget there are many other ways to care for your holiday home throughout winter, including;

  • Clean all of your surfaces thoroughly
  • Clean, defrost and empty your fridge freezer
  • Clear out your caravan – remove items such as soft furnishings, towels and bedding
  • Buy dehumidifying crystals or salt and place a bowl of them in each room – change the bowls every few weeks if possible
  • Ensure your air vents are open to help prevent condensation

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What are my insurance options?

It’s important to protect your holiday home, with specialist static caravan insurance. You should also make sure that your insurance package suits you and your needs, as well as meeting your obligations to your holiday park. Costs will vary depending on the age and size of your caravan holiday home, and level of cover you need.

Holiday home insurance providers that we are in partnership with are: Towergate, Leisure Days and Compass.

Have a holiday home ownership question?

Our FAQ section answers the most common questions owners have about their holiday homes and parks.

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