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Guide to static caravan pitch fees

If you are thinking about buying a static caravan or lodge, something to take into account and consider is the park pitch fees.

‘Pitch fees,’ or ‘site fees’ as it’s commonly referred to, is the amount you pay to maintain the holiday home’s location on its pitch throughout the year. These pitch or site fees are a standard practice across holiday parks where individuals can acquire a static caravan or lodge.

What do caravan pitch fees cover?

Pitch fees go towards many things that benefit owners, although it is important to remember all caravan parks tend to have slightly different things covered in their costs.

Your pitch - Although you own your caravan, the park owns the land it is sited on. There may be different costs based on where your pitch is in the park, with the more desirable locations being a little higher in cost.

Essential maintenance and upkeep of the park - Each park will have its day-to-day running costs and maintenance of the park. Park fees usually include any upkeep to the park and the grounds, gardens, drainage systems, tools for the jobs, and any facilities on-park that need to be maintained.

Security on-park - All of our parks have various security measures in place, giving you peace of mind that your holiday home and possessions remain safe.

Access to the park throughout the holiday park season - Included in your pitch fees is access to your holiday home and the park. Some of our parks have a full 12-month season, allowing you to access your holiday home at any time of the year.


Why do pitch fees vary between parks?

Similar to other holiday park operators, our pitch fees vary between parks. Pitch fees are determined by various factors, including the size of the park, the desirability of the area, the facilities available on the park such as swimming pools and restaurants, and the length of the seasons.

Other essential costs to take into account

The below costs are billed separately from pitch fees, so need to be taken into consideration when buying a holiday home.

Gas, electric & water - The same as you would running a home, your holiday home will have these essential costs too.

Insurance - To protect your holiday home, insurance is vital. You should ensure that your insurance package suits you and your needs, as well as meet your obligations to your holiday park.

Annual gas safety tests - Ensuring your safety, these tests are compulsory on our parks and give you great piece of mind to know that you and your family are safe.

*Please note, other costs may be applicable. Take a look at out costs to consider page for more information.


Letting your holiday home

Many owners choose to join one of our letting schemes as a way to earn an income and help offset the running costs. It’s a great, hassle-free way to earn money during the times you choose not to visit by allowing us to let your holiday home out on your behalf to holidaymakers who love to visit the park just as much as you do. Take a look at our available letting schemes to find out more.

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