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herne Bay Country Park

Herne Bay Country Park (7.5 miles) – Birchington Vale & Seaview

Situated on the Northern Kent Coastline, Herne Bay Country Parks has 50 acres of open grassland, rocky cliffs and coastline to explore, which means you and the dogs can run, climb and swim, all in one outing.

This site is also home to one of the earliest Roman forts built against Saxon raids on the 'Saxon Shore', it later became the site of an Anglo-Saxon monastery. If you or the pup are history buffs, the Reculver Towers and Roman Fort is a must-see… but don’t worry, you won’t to look very hard to find them!

Once you’re done playing fetch, why not relax and enjoy a bone and a bowl of water at the park’s picnic facilities?

hamstreet woods

Hamstreet Woods (12.3 miles) – Marlie & New Beach

This woodlands is over 400 years old and is a 175-hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

You will both be able to choose from various footpaths, horse trails and long distance tracks that run through the reserve, which offers three circular strolls for you to delight in. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys the crunch of sticks and leaves under their paws.

Hamstreet Woods reserve is actively managed in a traditional way which subsequently attracts an exceptional collection of birds and moths… your pup won’t be able to take his/her eyes off them, thereby proving definitively that dogs can indeed look up!

P.S. We hope you both like bluebells, as they’re everywhere.

leysdown beach

Leysdown Beach & Swale National Nature Reserve (0.5 miles) – Harts

With the choice of a coastline stroll or marshlands walk, you will be sure to come away satisfied from a visit to Leysdown.

If you manage to visit on low-tide under a sunset, you will enjoy a picturesque setting that canines and humans will appreciate equally.

And if your pooch loves wildlife, then head over to the Nature Reserve to play ‘What’s that bird?’ at the Capel Fleet Raptor viewpoint. With over twelve species flying above, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for distinctive feather markings.

NOTE: Dog walking on the beach is limited in the summer months, however, you can access the nature reserve all year round.

tankerton beach

Tankerton Beach (3.6 miles) - Alberta & Seaview

This old-style shingle beach with wooden groins, comes complete with colourful beach huts sitting just behind the promenade.

The highly-desirable wooden beach huts have attracted many high-profile owners, such as a previous owner Tracey Emin, who famously sold her beach hut for £75,000 to art gallery owner Charles Satcchi.

Tankerton Beach on low tide provides a wonderful opportunity for a long pleasant stroll that can take you right out to sea, providing the perfect chance to explore rock pools, doggy-paddle and discover some local sea-life.

Doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 4 legs, you will be sure to have a great beach day at Tankerton.

Kent Pet Friendly Holiday Home Ownership

Affectionately known as the “Garden of England” Kent features a coastline of famous holiday resorts. From Whitstable and the Isle of Sheppey in the north to Romney in the south, we've got Kent covered!

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