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New Forest National Park

New Forest National Park - Solent Breezes (26.8 Miles)

The 'New Forest National Park' has a little bit of everything, with roughly 220 square miles of woodland, open forest, farmland and 26 miles of beautiful coastline. If you’re fortunate enough you may see cows, deer, ponies and even rare birds on your travels, which will be sure to fascinate you and your canine companion.

Depending on the route you take, you may cross paths with the Common Yew tree, which is believed to be over a 1,000 years old or the Wellingtonia tree that stands at an incredible 55 metres tall – a tree that any dog would be proud to cock a leg to. The popularity of this National Park is primarily due to the fact that you can enjoy an exploration of the vast woodlands and diverse wildlife, then on the same outing find your best friend running along the coastline breathing in the crisp sea air, and splashing around in the sea.

Hayling Island Beach

Hayling Island Beach - Solent Breezes (22 Miles)

If you and your canine friend need to blow the cobwebs away and see some spectacular sea views at the same time, you will be able to do so on this three-mile-long unspoiled beach. Predominately it's a shingle beach above the high-tide, however, on a low tide you will experience plenty of glorious sand too.

As this beach is very popular with a wide variety of watersports enthusiasts, you are bound to spot many people windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and even jet-skiing. As you can imagine this will alert the highly observant (you know who), resulting in many doggy dashes into the sea to join in on all the fun!

There’s also several pathways that offer the chance to saunter next to the waters of Chichester and Langstone Harbour, providing a respite from the busy crowds in the summer period.

Beachy Head

Hill Head Beach - Solent Breezes (6 Miles)

Hill Head beach is a long stretching shingle beach overlooking 'The Solent', known as one of the busiest sea lanes along the English Channel, whilst simultaneously offering magnificent views of the 'Isle of Wight'. Most of the beach is backed by a flat promenade, perfect for the four-legged who prefer an even terrain. On the other hand, if your pooch is feeling adventurous he or she can always climb and walk along the rugged cliffs.

Attention all history buffs - during WW2 Hill Head beach was one of numerous loading zones for the D-Day invasions, and reminders of these war time activities, including remnants of the fortifications can still be found to this day.

If you find yourself heading west along the coastal path, take the opportunity to visit the 'Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve' (home to a vast array of wonderful bird life) and discover the pinpoint that the 'River Meon' connects to 'The Solent'.

Hampshire Pet Friendly Holiday Home Ownership

A Mecca for holiday home owners, Hampshire lies at the heart of England's beautiful south coast. Rich with maritime history, enjoy an ever changing view of boats and ships across one of the busiest waterways at Solent Breezes.

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