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When is the best time of year to buy a caravan holiday home?

With holiday parks open up to 12-months a year, you may be wondering about the best time to purchase your dream caravan or lodge. Here are a few considerations that might help guide your decision.

Purchasing a static caravan or lodge for the first time involves careful consideration of various factors. Extensive research into the ideal location, holiday park, and holiday home that aligns with your needs is crucial. Additionally, understanding the best time of year to make your purchase can enhance your overall experience and secure the best possible deal.

Holiday park seasons

With many holiday parks operating between 9 and 12 months of the year, there’s a significant window of opportunity for you to make your purchase so you may be undecided when the best time is. If your chosen holiday park closes for a period over the winter, purchasing towards the end of the year may result in limited enjoyment until late winter or early spring, additionally, you may need to ‘drain down’ your holiday home to ensure it’s well protected during the cold months. To fully maximise your new purchase, you may decide the best time to buy for you is around March or April. Not only will the weather be getting better, with longer days, but you can also beat the summer rush and be settled into your new holiday home, and familiarise yourself with the local area ready for the spring and summer months ahead. Alternatively, if your chosen park is open 12-months a year, opting to buy during the winter may give you a wider range of holiday homes to choose from as there tends to be less demand.

To determine the ideal timing for purchasing your holiday home, we recommend contacting our expert team who are on-hand to answer your questions and guide you towards making the most informed decision regarding your purchase.

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Get the best deal on your caravan or lodge

Many holiday parks run discounts and promotions at different periods throughout the year, whether it’s savings on pre-loved and ex-demo models, or deals on pitch fees. Therefore, to ensure you’re getting the best deal, keep an eye on the different promotions available. The best way of doing this is by subscribing to email newsletters or by staying updated on social media platforms, enabling you to stay informed about the latest news and deals from your preferred holiday park.

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Frequent, hassle-free holidays

Rest assured that once you make the decision to purchase a holiday home, you will have the pleasure of indulging in regular retreats to your new home away from home.

Your new holiday home lifestyle

Enhance your lifestyle through holiday home ownership with Park Holidays UK. Uncover the ideal caravan or lodge holiday home nestled in a breathtaking coastal or countryside setting, and relish year-round getaways with your loved ones.

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