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7 Reasons to own a holiday home in Kent

With a huge and varied appeal, it’s no wonder that Kent is one of the most popular areas for holiday home ownership.

Benefitting from great weather, some fantastic Blue Flag beaches, and amazing wildlife, as well as lauded attractions and amazing sights to see, Kent is a haven throughout all four seasons - whether you want to relax or get exploring.

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Exceeding Great Expectations

If Charles Dickens himself found solace in Kent, why couldn’t you? Throughout the towns of Kent are the old houses and haunts of Dickens, and in the rolling hills of the 'Kent Downs' he found inspiration for and space to write some of his most revered works – from "Great Expectations" to "David Copperfield". He believed that the seven miles from Rochester to Maidstone was “one of the most beautiful walks in England” so we suggest it's your duty to see if he was correct. (Spoiler - he was)

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Dog Friendly where? Everywhere!

Catch a beautiful sunset after you catch a bite to eat at one of the many dog friendly spots along the Kent coast – from our ‘Old Neptune’ and "Sportsman’ pubs to the ‘Sweet Hut’, there’s plenty of pet friendly eateries for you to enjoy on days out with your pooch. Work up your appetite by visiting some other pet friendly spots – ‘Canoe Wild’ offers the opportunity to hop in a canoe with your dog (small or medium dogs only unfortunately!) so you can both enjoy the splashy fun.

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Amazing beaches

Offering stunning views of white cliffs and beautiful chalk stalks, 'Botany Bay' beach near Thanet is one of the most famous and recognisable beaches in the country - and it’s right in the heart of Kent. Being a Blue Flag beach, 'Botany Bay' guarantees safe bathing during the holiday season, and breathtaking views all year round. Adjacent to the Kent Coastline Walk, which hides smugglers caves and an array of fossils and rock pools, this quiet expanse of soft sand is a must-see for anyone who owns in (or visits) the county of Kent.

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Your very own back Garden of England

With its gentle hills, vast farmlands, grand country estates and fruit orchards, it’s no wonder that Kent has been coined as ‘The Garden of England’ for centuries. See where the famous Wimbledon strawberries come from (maybe even pick some yourself!) or enjoy the historic towns and castles dotted throughout the region - the pleasant scenery for walks and picnics provide plenty to do throughout the year, especially if you are new to the area and sampling the delights for the first , unforgettable time.

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 Photo courtesy of Peter's Fish Factory restaurant


Peter's Fish Factory – Fish and Chip Heaven

Get your fill! What better way to satisfy your cravings than going to ‘Peters Fish Factory’, one of the oldest fish and chip shops in Margate? A family run traditional fish and chip shop which first opened in 1984, you can find it across the harbour on the front of the famous Old Town and enjoy your portion looking out to sea – just don’t forget to watch out for hungry seagulls!

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Festivals in Kent

Forget the tent, if you have a holiday home here, Kent hosts a huge variety of niche festivals throughout the year to suit each and every hobby. The Canterbury Festival is famous, featuring local art, theatre, comedy, music and more. Or try "The 1940’s Weekend" set in a historic dockyard in Chatham offering vintage clothes, band music and a display of iconic transport from the era. There’s always events on in case you wanted to turn a visit to your Kent holiday home into a cultural one!


The home of Britain's oldest brewer – Shepherds Neame

Take a trip to the oldest brewery in Britain and enjoy beer tasters and more – see how Shepherds Neame has been brewing since the early Tudor period, using locally grown hops and mineral water on a tour around the charming Kent town of Faversham. Shepherds Neame brewery attracts beer fans from counties far and wide – but even if beer isn’t your thing, the company owns a number of pubs across Kent offering hearty food that the whole family can enjoy.

Kent Holiday Home Ownership

Choose Kent for your holiday home by the sea. Affectionately known as the 'Garden of England' its many historic towns, villages and scenic countryside give it an unparalleled and beautiful charm.

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