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Prioritising Men's Health Beyond Movember

As the Movember movement recedes with the turn of the calendar, it's vital to remember that the focus on men's health should extend well beyond a single month. With a staggering 43% increase in demand for adult mental health services and a notable surge in Google searches for men’s mental health support, reaching nearly 20,000 in the past six months, it's clear that men's wellbeing needs continuous attention.

Park Holidays understands this need and is committed to supporting men's journey towards better mental health. We spoke with NHS GP and GP Medico-Legal Expert Witness, Dr. Hana Patel, to explore how getaways can significantly enhance men's wellbeing.

Managing Stress

In today's fast-paced world, stress is a prevalent factor contributing to mental health issues. Dr. Hana Patel emphasises the importance of breaks, "Holidays and short breaks provide crucial headspace from the pressures of life, aiding not only physical but also mental health. A less stressful environment, like that found on holiday, offers a much-needed respite from daily life stresses." A getaway can be a powerful tool in resetting and clearing your mind, preparing you to return to daily life feeling grounded and more equipped to tackle new challenges, including seeking professional help.

Improving Heart Health

The benefits of holidays extend to physical health, particularly heart health. Dr. Patel notes, "A 2017 trial showed that frequent vacations in middle-aged men at high risk for heart disease correlated with a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular issues. Regular holidays could be a key component of maintaining good health!" Holidays aren't just about taking a break; they're opportunities to rejuvenate your body. Activities like walking or engaging in sports enhance cardiovascular health and improve overall fitness. Relaxation during holidays also plays a vital role, allowing muscles to relax and tension to release, fostering a sense of wellbeing.

The 3 Best UK Locations for a Men's Health Break

In line with Dr. Patel's advice, Park Holidays has curated a list of the top locations for a men's health break, focusing on mental and physical wellbeing.

Tarka, Devon

Nestled in 10 acres of pristine grounds and surrounded by idyllic countryside, Tarka offers a serene escape from everyday life. Its unique atmosphere of tranquillity and seclusion is perfect for those seeking the mental health benefits of nature in a peaceful setting - From £148 for 3 nights.

Tarka Trail

Bowland Fell, Yorkshire

Ideally situated amidst rolling countryside near the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, Bowland Fell is a haven for nature enthusiasts. With over 130 acres to explore, it's ideal for walking, cycling, and wildlife spotting. Recognised as a Dark Sky location, it's also an excellent spot for stargazing - From £282 for 3 nights.

Bowland Fell

Carlton Meres, Suffolk

Carlton Meres offers a retreat catering to personal time and family fun, set in a stunning woodland with a fully stocked fishing lake. Facilities include outdoor and indoor pools, a fully equipped gym, an upgraded adventure playground, and a clubhouse with a restaurant, bar, gaming, and relaxation areas – From £129 for 3 nights.

Clacton Pier

At Park Holidays, we understand the importance of men's health and the powerful role getaways can play in enhancing it. We invite you to explore these destinations and experience the benefits for yourself.


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