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With Grounding Getaways set to be an upcoming travel trend in 2024, which locations are best to choose?

As we look ahead to 2024, Grounding Getaways are emerging as the next big thing in travel. It's no surprise, given the recent spike in Google searches for grounding meditation, exercises, and retreats. In a world increasingly conscious of global warming and travel's environmental impact, holidays focusing on personal health and ecological sustainability are gaining popularity.

Grounding exercises, known for their ability to reconnect individuals with the present moment and reduce anxiety and stress, often involve deep breathing, mindful observation, tactile engagement, and a focus on the senses – activities best enjoyed outdoors. Grounding getaways are weekends or retreats dedicated to practising these mindfulness techniques in beautiful, natural settings. But what exactly makes for an ideal location for such a retreat?

Escaping the crowds, breathing in fresh air, and stepping away from the daily grind are key elements of a successful grounding getaway. This is why our team at Park Holidays has carefully considered factors like population density, air pollution levels, and noise pollution in our ranking of the UK's best grounding getaway destinations.

Northumberland has the lowest noise pollution score

Granted, the UK might not have the same intense summer weather as somewhere like Spain or France, but it can still get pretty warm. And if beaches and relaxing are your thing, the UK could very well be a prime holiday destination.

Northumberland boasts the lowest noise pollution among the counties we studied (145dB) and impresses with its high air quality score of 7 (as rated by The Isle of Wight has a slightly lower air quality score of 9 and is favoured for its smaller population (around 130,000) and excellent noise pollution score (146dB). These picturesque locations offer a serene escape from city life, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in tranquil surroundings and rejuvenate.


Cornwall ranks as second-best location in the UK for a grounding getaway

Cornwall ranks as the second-best location for a grounding getaway in the UK. With a population of about half a million, it's one of the UK's most sparsely populated counties and boasts one of the lowest noise pollution scores (174dB). Known for its stunning coastal landscapes and idyllic countryside, Cornwall is a perfect blend of natural beauty and tranquillity.


Dorset lands in fourth place for a great grounding getaway in the UK, whilst Shropshire secures fifth position overall

Dorset and Shropshire also make our list, ranking fourth and fifth, respectively. Dorset, with its larger population, still scores high for air quality (4) and maintains low levels of noise pollution (147dB). Its charming villages, rolling hills, and picturesque coastline offer a peaceful haven for visitors. Shropshire, with its rich history and beautiful landscapes, provides a tranquil setting ideal for grounding and relaxation.

At Park Holidays, we believe these findings highlight the growing need for tranquillity and grounding in our fast-paced world. These locations are exceptional choices for those looking to escape noise pollution and immerse themselves in nature's calming embrace.

As the trend towards prioritising mental well-being and disconnecting from daily pressures continues, we expect these findings to influence travel choices significantly. Travellers are increasingly seeking destinations that offer serenity, a connection to nature, and a commitment to sustainability.


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