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Let’s take you on a Quest…

We’re excited to bring a brand new activity to many of our parks!

Quest will lead you on an adventurous expedition, collecting clues, solving puzzles and reaching checkpoints to outsmart and out explore any competition… and best of all, it’s FREE!

We’ve teamed up with Quest to offer guests a unique experience and chance to explore their park - reaching checkpoints, collecting clues and solving puzzles. What’s more, everyone who completes a Quest will be entered into a prize draw to win £1000 worth of Park Holiday vouchers - that’s a lot of holiday!

Quest is an adventure app that uses GPS checkpoints to hide clues. Think Geocache, but with more adventure. We’ve put these points all over our most popular family parks. Your mission is to get out there exploring, reach each point, gather all the clues and try to solve our park puzzle. There are other challenges in-app too.

Families, in particular, love Quest. Intrepid explorers who complete the Quest can collect a certificate and sticker by showing their completed Quest app at the park reception.

We have 12 different quests across our UK holiday parks including:

Start your Quest

To start your Quest, simply:
1. Visit and select your park
2. Request your access code.
3. Download the Quest App from your appstore, pop in your unique access code and off you go!

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