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Last-Minute World Book Day ideas

5 easy (and cheap) last minute World Book Day costumes

World Book Day is the time of year that can send parents into a last-minute, costume panic. But not to worry as we have compiled a list of simple last-minute world book day ideas, that means your little ones can still join in with the dressing up fun (even if the shops are shut and it’s the night before).

Breakfast in bed

Matilda - Roald Dahl

The much-loved Roald Dahl classic Matilda is a simple but easy way to re-use clothes that are already in the wardrobe. Simply grab a dress (ideally blue), a pair of white socks or tights, a pair of black school shoes, and a red ribbon (or headband) that can be tied into your little one’s hair. To finish the costume simply grab a pile of books, could it get any easier than that?

Gift Vouchers

Mr Bump - Roger Hargreaves

Another inexpensive and simple option is Roger Hargreaves famous character, Mr Bump. Simply put all you need is a blue outfit, wrap yourself up in bandages and stick some plasters on your head. If you don’t happen to have meters of bandages sat in your cupboards, then a toilet roll can be used instead. SIMPLE!

Give Flowers

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

This outfit is simply what it says on the book, dig out an old bucket you used last summer and grab some dinosaurs that are lying around in your child’s toy box, and that’s your outfit sorted!

Love Letter

The Worst Witch - Jill Murphy .

Why not dig out a re-use an old Halloween witch’s outfit, a bonus if you have some stripey black and white tights but if not just add some white tights and black shoes, to complete the outfit.

Invite your partner to dress up and come to dinner!

5 Minutes Peace - Jill Murphy

If you’re really struggling to get an outfit together this year then this is the perfect one, and your little ones don’t even need to get dressed! Simply find a pair of Pyjamas and as a bonus a shower cap and they are ready to go. How simple is that!


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