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The Cancelled Deals Desk

If you love a bargain you’ll love our Cancelled Deals Desk

There isn't a better and cheaper way to bag yourself a great value holiday than by grabbing one of our cancellation holiday deals.

These are holidays that were cancelled at the last minute, and are being resold with very special discounts - and they are not available online!

The Desk is only open between 1pm - 2pm on weekdays so be sure to set your alarm.

You can even get away the same day, just call to find out more.

your questions answered

Your Questions Answered

  • What is the Cancelled Deals Desk? Following our balance payment window, we will be selling a limited number of cancelled/ rebooked/ refunded 2019 holidays.

  • When is the Cancelled Deals Desk open? The cancelled deals desk is usually open for 1 hour only, before the deal is uploaded back on our main website.

  • Why do you have a Cancelled Deals Desk? The resale price saves us admin costs to re-upload the holiday back onto our website.

  • How can I buy a Holiday from the Cancelled Deals Desk? Bookings can ONLY be taken over the phone and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • How much do the Holidays cost? Prices are from £89 - some pre-paid package deals can include pets, flexible dining, linen and upgrades.

  • How many holidays can I buy? This is fully dependant on how many cancellations or rebooking we have had that week. But it is a limited quantity.

  • Do I need to pay the full value of the holiday or can I just pay a deposit? Holidays bought in the resale must be paid for in full, by debit card or credit card.

Cancelled Deals Desk Opening Times

Call us on 0343 178 7090

between 1pm - 2pm

(From Monday to Friday)

Our last minute Cancellation Holidays - How it works

Cancellation holidays are when someone who has booked a holiday cannot commit to the visit, and is forced to cancel.

As the arrival date for these holidays tends to fall within the next 2-3 weeks, we offer the opportunity to purchase the holiday through our Cancelled Deals Desk, before we have to re-package and relist the holiday on the website the following morning.

Be ready for anything! You might end up with a 7 night cancellation holiday in delightful Dorset or 3 night Half Board cancellation holiday in wonderful Essex - we might have had part-payment for holidays with pets, flexible dining, linen and more, often all included in the price.

Chances are you're going to grab yourself an absolute bargain with a cancellation holiday, and could save hundreds of pounds on a regular holiday price! So don't miss out - call today!

cancelled deals desk
cancelled deals desk opening times

Cancelled Deals Desk Opening Times

Opening hours between 1 - 2pm

(Monday - Friday)

Click to Call 0343 178 7090