Superfast Wifi - New for 2020 Holidays

If you want to stay online during your holiday visit, upgrade to our Superfast Wifi.

With connectivity in your accommodation, you can stay online for your entire stay.

With the ability to register up to 10 devices, average speeds of up to 36mb, and unlimited downloads, all of the family can make use of this great value package.

Stream Netflix, listen to Spotify, upload a holiday selfie to Instagram or facetime your friends, all in the comfort of your own holiday home.

Superfast Wifi will be available to book on arrival for your 2020 holiday.

An infrequent user? It’s worth noting that all of our park clubhouses also offer free communal Wifi in a reduced capacity.

Wifi Pricing – Holiday Guest

Single day - £6

Up to 4 Nights - £10

Up to 7 Nights - £15

Register up to 10 devices with speeds up to 36mb, and unlimited usage.