Owners Priority Reward Card



Q1: What is the Owners’ Priority Rewards cash card?

A: The Owners’ Priority Reward cash card is a prepaid cash card and is an alternative to carrying cash on park. It is similar to a gift card to look at, which will enable you to pay for food and beverages in the clubhouse - plus you'll be part of a exclusive owner reward scheme with various promotions throughout the year. Keep an eye on your owners’ society page for more information. The card is fully managed by Park Holidays UK and Barclaycard Card Commerce Solutions Ltd.

Q2: How do I get my Owners’ Priority card?

A: Getting a card is simple. All new owners will automcatically be sent their card to their home address upon completion of their holiday home. Remember to sign up to the Owners Area to find out the latest offers for your Loyalty Cash Card as well as what is happening on your park. If you supply your e-mail address and mobile phone number we will also be able to send you additional offers and updates about your account so you don't miss out on promotions.

Q3: How do I activate my Owners’ Priority card?

A: Once you receive your card, you will need to activate it before it is ready to use. Log on to https://owners.parkholidays.com/loyaltycard or access via the owners website https://owners.parkholidays.com/owners-area/login. You will need your card details to activate your card account — you can activate your card by visiting the Owners’ Area website and clicking on 'Activate Card' or you can contact your General Manager or Sales Manager to do this on your behalf. Your card will be sent directly to you with all the information you need to activate your card. Once your card is activated you will be able to use it to purchase food and beverages on Park.

Q4: Is there minimum or maximum amount I can top-up my card?

A: The minumun amount you can top-up is £5 and maximum is £1,000.

Q5: I have a joint-ownership, can I request a second loyalty card?

A: All owners will received one primary card, however if you require a second card on your account, you can request a second card by emailing loyaltycardhelp@parkholidays.com with your name, park and customer number.

Q6: What happens if I lose my card?

A: If you lose your card you can deactivate it by going to https://owners.parkholidays.com/loyaltycard/reportLostCard.html and enter your card number and Online Pin Code. Your card number and Online Pin Code can be found on the back of your card. We advise that you write down your card number and Online Pin Code and keep it in a safe place. Alternatively, you can e-mail loyaltycardhelp@parkholidays.com and a member of staff will contact you to arrange a replacement card. Your current balance will then be transferred to your new card. Please note that Park Holidays UK does not take responsibility for any cash spent on your card if lost of stolen. We advise that you treat the card as you would cash.

Q7: How do I top-up my card?

A: You can top up your card at any till point at your park using cash or debit/credit card.

Q8: What happens if I choose not to sign the Terms and Conditions?

A: If you choose not to sign the Terms and Conditions, you will not receive or be able to use an Owners’ Priority Rewards cash card. You will not receive any of the loyalty rewards available on the card.

Q9: Can I use my Loyalty Cash Cash at any other park?

A: You can use your Loyalty Cash Card on any Park Holidays Uk Park (clubhouses only).

Q10: What support can I get to manage my card account?

A: There are several information points in and around the Park where you will be able to get support with using your card and your online facilities. These include email communication with a reward card manager and customer service assistance on park. Alternatively, you can pop into any Reception or contact the General Manager for assistance.