Owners Priority Reward Card

A prepaid card that's designed for you

A simple, safe, secure way to manage your money on park and a fantastic way of rewarding our owners.

owners priority reward card

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How It Works

Here you will find an easy step by step guide on how to activate and use your new Park Holidays UK Loyalty Cash Card.

How to activate your card:

  1. All new owners will receive their Loyalty Cash Card to their home address. If you have recently changed address, please notify your sales team at your park who will be able to update this.
  2. Once you receive your card you will need to activate it before it is ready to use. To do this simply log onto owners.parkholidays.com/loyaltycard and complete the form. You will need to enter your card number and Online Pin Code.

    REMEMBER: Your card number is the long 16 digit number found on the white stripe at the back of your card. Your Online Pin Code is the 8 digit number found underneath the scratch panel on the back of your card. Please note you ONLY need your Online Pin Code when activating your card or checking your balance online. You will not need to use this code to make purchases.
  3. Check you details are correct and then click ‘SUBMIT’.
  4. Your FREE £10 credit will be activated.
  5. You can now start using your Loyalty Cash Card!

How to use your Loyalty Cash Card:

You can use your card to pay for food and/or drink purchases at any Park Holidays UK clubhouse, restaurant or bar.

  1. When making payment, hand your card to the staff member at the bar/restaurant.
  2. Check the amount is correct before proceeding, you will not need to sign or enter a pin number.
  3. The till will then automatically deduct the amount from your card.
  4. You will receive a receipt for the transaction, please keep this for your future reference.

How to top-up your Loyalty Cash Card:

  1. You can top-up your card at any till point on your park.
  2. You can use cash or your debit/credit card to make a top-up on your card.
  3. Once your card has been topped up at the till point, you will receive a receipt for the transaction.

How to check your balance on your Loyalty Cash Card:

There are two ways that you can check your balance, either at any till point on your park or online.

To check your balance at a till point:

  1. Ask the staff member to do balance enquiry on your card.
  2. The till will print out a receipt with your balance, please keep this for your records.

To check your balance online:

  1. Go to www.parkholidays.com/loyaltycard
  2. Click on ‘CHECK BALANCE’
  3. Enter your card number and Online Pin Code.
  4. Your card balance and recent transactions will display.

Card Benefits

The Owner Priority Reward Cash Card is a new and rewarding card exclusive to our holiday home owners.

There are many benefits to using your Loyalty Cash Card, here we have listed just a few:

  • You will receive regular offers and discounts in our parks bar and restaurants.
  • Become part of an exclusive owner loyalty scheme
  • You will be able to manage your spend
  • There will be no need to download or print off vouchers.
  • You can check the balance of your card at any park till point or online.
  • It is a safe and convenient cashless payment method on park.
  • Not to forget your FREE £10 credit when activating your card!

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