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Update for Owners: Coronavirus Information

Important update

Published at 16:45 - Tuesday 2nd June

We hope this message finds you safe and well. 

With the changes to Government socialising and retail business rules, we wanted to avoid any confusion regarding visits to holiday parks. Please note that whilst the Government has permitted sales offices and showgrounds on holiday parks to open, other holiday park restrictions have not changed but are under constant review by the Government.

Therefore, those owners who have not declared their holiday homes as interim abodes will not be permitted to visit the park or their holiday homes until guidelines change. We continue to lobby the Government to ensure we can open for owners as soon as possible.

These are rules enforced by the Government, not by us, and we share your frustration and are eager to be able to welcome you back. We will notify you as soon as the Government announce any changes to these rules.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Published at 09:00 - Tuesday 12th May
We hope this message finds you safe and well. We have been encouraged by the latest news on changes to travel and work restrictions announced by the government in the last 24 hours.

We have now taken time to consider this guidance in detail and regret to advise that, for the moment, owners that have not declared their holiday homes as interim abodes will not be permitted to visit their holiday homes until government guidelines change. We do hope that visiting holiday homes will be included in ‘Step 2‘ of the government 'Plan to Rebuild', due to commence from the start of June. This is, of course, subject to the various government ‘tests’ being achieved.

We will keep you updated with any changes to the situation as soon as they are announced. 
The following question and answer has been published by the government today:

1.9 Are day trips and holidays ok? Can people stay in second homes?

Day trips to outdoor open space, in a private vehicle, are permitted. You should practise social distancing from other people outside your household.

Leaving your home - the place you live - to stay at another home for a holiday or other purpose is not allowed. This includes visiting second homes.
Premises such as hotels and bed and breakfasts will remain closed, except where providing accommodation for specific reasons set out in law, such as for critical workers where required for a reason relating to their work.
We are sorry that today’s announcement was not what we had hoped for but we must adhere to government guidelines to ensure the safety and well being of our owners and staff alike.

Important update

Published at 16:20 - Wednesday 1st April

Following our recent communication advising that we would be passing on business rate reduction as announced by the government recently, we are pleased to advise you that your account has now been credited and your outstanding balance has been revised. Unfortunately, the water companies have not offered any kind of concession on their charges
Where we hold an up to date e-mail address for you, you will receive details shortly. If we do not have an e-mail address for you, we will send a letter to your primary residence. 
If you currently have access and are familiar with viewing your owners’ account online then you will be able to view details of this here. If not, please wait for your letter and/or email in the coming days as we will be unable to reset passwords or support new online account requests. 
We would be grateful for the prompt payment of your account.
Once again we would like to thank you all for your cooperation and support during this time. 

Published at 16:30 - Friday 27th March

Firstly we would like to thank all owners for their responsible behaviour following the government’s most recent instructions around social distancing. By following these instructions, we will help reduce the spread of Coronavirus and shorten the amount of time required to return to some kind of normality.

For those owners that have been unable to return to their primary address, we can assure you that staff have been retained to make sure your basic services are available including limited shop opening hours and deliveries of gas bottles. Please understand that the health and well-being of our staff and owners is our main priority so it is inevitable that some services may be affected at this time.

Thank you also to those owners that have remained at home and observed strict social distancing and not visited their holiday homes on government advice. Whilst this is a national problem, health resources may not be evenly spread throughout the UK and we have a responsibility not to put rural or coastal health services under further pressure.

We have received some enquiries from owners regarding payments and we understand that some owners may be feeling financial pressure at this time. Until we can fully assess the impact of the current situation, we are unable to provide many definitive answers; however, we would like to reassure owners that our shared interest to operate parks for the long term enjoyment of our owners and guests will be a key part of any decisions we make in the coming weeks and months.

Water and Rates

You may have heard the government announce their emergency policy on business rates. This is good news and whilst we do not yet have definitive guidelines from the government, we are confident that we will be able to credit all owners for the rates element of their charge for this calendar year. Unfortunately, your invoice was sent automatically before the government announced the measures but we can confirm that the charges will be amended as soon as possible to reflect this reduction. A revised invoice will be sent to you shortly showing rates charges for the three months of January - March 2020 and water charges for the year that will be due for payment. Please note that water and rates charges do vary between parks.

If you need to talk to us about your account, please contact your general manager at the park office in the first instance and they will do their very best to help with your enquiry.

Park Offices

Our park offices will continue to be manned by a small number of team members who will be there to support owners that have been unable to return to their primary address. Our sales offices have closed until further notice and it will not be possible to contact any of our park sales teams during this time. Sales enquiries will be re-directed to our central sales office and they will do their best to answer any sales-related enquiries.

Our aim to is keep you regularly updated with news however we hope you understand that we are dealing with a rapidly changing set of circumstances and it is sensible that we consider the impact of every circumstance before making important decisions.

We very much look forward to welcoming back our owners and team members that have taken a leave of absence during this crisis but in the meantime, we hope that everyone stays safe and secure wherever they are.

Richard Ullman
Chief Operations Officer