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Published on 30th Jun 2020

New video shows steps for safe and happy return to park

New video shows steps for safe and happy return to park

Park Holidays UK has prepared a special video to help leisure home owners enjoy a safe and happy return to their much-missed holiday caravans and lodges.

The professionally-produced film shows a walk-through of a typical holiday home, highlighting simple but essential steps to be taken by owners on their first visit.

That's because when owners are permitted back from July 04, their caravans and lodges will have been unoccupied for more than three months.

During that time, says Park Holidays UK, staff have kept a careful eye on the exteriors of all the privately owned holiday homes on its holiday parks.

But just to be sure that everything inside runs smoothly, they suggest carrying out a quick series of measures and checks before owners settle down to relax.

Opening windows, flushing water pipes, running washing machines and dishwashers on a cycle before using, and checking the gas flow are all on the list.

So too is ensuring that the batteries in fire and other alarms don't need replacing.

"A lot of these procedures are just common sense, and we're sure that owners would in any case carry out the type of precautions we're suggesting," said a park spokesperson.

"But it can be helpful to have all of the steps shown in a simple and logical sequence, and a video also allows people to review the actions to ensure none have been missed.

"It's going to be a wonderful day when owners are reunited with their holiday homes, and with each other, after such a long period of absence.

"The video, we hope, will make the return as happy as it is safe," she said.

The group's website lists holiday homes for sale at special post-lockdown prices: