Subletting Service

Letting Income

As an owner with Park Holidays UK, you have complete freedom to use your holiday home as you choose. While many people keep it solely for their own leisure, for others they would welcome the opportunity to gain an extra income.

Most of our holiday parks have fewer holiday caravans to hire out than some of the major holiday park operators. For many of our owners, that is part of what makes our parks a little bit different and individual.

We have created 'The Subletting Service' to help our owners reduce the running costs of their holiday home. In recent years there has been a huge increase in demand for holidays at our parks, and as a holiday home owner you can benefit.

Signing up to 'The Subletting Service' can generate additional income towards your ongoing running costs. Our fixed earnings programme means  we tell you in advance exactly how much you will receive each time your holiday home is let, so you won’t need to worry about how much income you could earn.

At Park Holidays UK we also understand that you may want to come down to your holiday home at certain times - and we don't want to restrict you. With this in mind we run a completely flexible service; as long as your holiday home is still available, we can remove your letting availability within minutes of your request! You can also use this service for just a few weeks or for the whole season, it is completely flexible.

We use the service to pay our fees for the year, without it we would not be able to afford our holiday home.

Subletting is unavailable at Beauport and Oaklands Holiday Parks.

We will take care of everything

We have an extensive team at Park Holidays UK to ensure that The Subletting Service is a rewarding and stress-free experience for you. The service we offer includes:
  • Online Advertising - we are market leaders with online advertisement
  • Offline Marketing - we handle all brochures, flyers and letters to our extensive customer database
  • External Partners - we work with reputable agents and tour operators such as Hoseasons who promote our parks to their customers

  • Balance Collection - we arrange the collection of all holiday payments on your behalf
  • Customer Correspondence - we deal with all confirmations and invoices
  • Reception Service - we handle all customer enquires before, during and after the holiday lets

Housekeeping Service
  • Cleaning - we arrange a full clean of your holiday home after each let
  • Linen service - we manage a full linen service including delivery and pick up laundry for all lets
  • Key Handling - we run a full key handling service to ensure we know who is in your holiday home through the duration of your subletting period
If you have any questions regarding the Subletting Service please don't hesitate to ask! We will be happy to explain the service, and help you to find the ideal holiday home for your requirements.


What Can I Earn?

Minimum Year
Size Requirements
Other Requirements
Weekly Earnings From
Peak Weekly Earnings From
Min 10ft Wide
£75 - £520
£235 - £520
Min 12ft Wide
£85 - £550
£255 - £550
Min 12ft Wide
£95 - £605
£275 - £605
Min 12ft Wide
DG/CH, Decking
£105 - £720
£320 - £720
Terms and Conditions

Earnings will vary by grade and by park. Subletting is unavailable at Oaklands and Beauport Holiday Parks. Weekly earnings prices are quoted based on the lowest weekly earnings at Steeple Bay Holiday Park for a 2 bed caravan holiday home, and the highest weekly earnings at Pevensey Bay Holiday Park for a 3 bed holiday home. Peak weekly earnings are quoted based on the lowest weekly earnings at Steeple Bay Holiday Park for a 2 bed caravan holiday home, and the highest weekly earnings at Pevensey Bay Holiday Park for a 3 bed holiday home during the period of 26/07/19 – 01/09/2019.

2019 Subletting Guide

Download Our 2019 Subletting Guide

Inside you'll find out all about our popular managed sublet scheme. We'll explain how it works, the rewards you can enjoy, and just how easy it is to join the many owners who let out their holiday home year after year.