Costs to Consider

Buying a Caravan Holiday Home is a Big Decision...

In the future years of ownership there will be various charges, most of which you will be familiar with from household bills. These will, of course, be fully explained when you visit the holiday park of your choice.

Holiday home owners have the option to pay their site fees and running costs via a monthly direct debit over 9 months of the year. This averages at around £450 a month.

Pitch Fees

Pitch Fees vary depending on location, both between, and within Parks. Typically they range from around £3100 upwards and average around £4650. Your pitch license agreement with us sets out the criteria on which future increases will be based.

  • Devon from £4,795
  • Dorset from £7,320
  • Hampshire from £6,095
  • Sussex from £4,395
  • Kent from £3,095
  • Essex from £3,445
  • Suffolk from £3,495
Costs to Consider
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Gas and Electricity Charges
Gas and Electricity Charges

We invoice electricity based on individual meters for each Holiday Home - usage charges are less than at home as we use our buying power and recharge at cost. Currently costs are around a third less per unit consumed than most people pay at home.

Gas can be either cylinders or bulk LPG site - we monitor charges to ensure we offer good value for money plus a high level of service, but caravan owners are able to buy from wherever they like should they choose. Most owners budget around £475 a year for gas and electricity costs.


Specialist Caravan Holiday Home insurance is important. Each year we negotiate on your behalf so you can be offered the very best cover at affordable prices. Holiday Home owners are also free to buy suitable cover from other providers should they wish. Costs vary depending on the level of cover, and are currently averaging from £300 to £350 per year.

Rates and Water Costs
Rates and Water Costs

Rates and water costs are billed separately from pitch fees, so need to be taken into consideration when buying a holiday home. Typical rates and water costs are around £375 per annum.

Other Costs

Other costs such as; VAT, delivery from the manufacturer to the Park, siting on a pitch, commissioning (including connections), and other unavoidable costs (e.g. meter-reading charges, or administration charges) may also be applicable.

For full details contact the park of your choice who will be pleased to explain the likely running costs for any particular Caravan Holiday Home.

Payment Option Guides

Costs to consider at each of our parks.

Our Payment Option Guide's give you specific costs for each of our 30 holiday parks including pitch fees, finance options as well as subletting income opportunities.

Simply choose your preferred park and click on the view guide button to download the park guide.

subletting service

Did you know?

You can generate an income from your holiday home?

As a Holiday Home owner with Park Holidays UK, you have complete freedom to use your Holiday Home as you wish. While many people choose to keep all the fun to themselves, for others they want to take advantage of the opportunity to gain an extra income*. (This income could go towards your annual costs including pitch fees)

* Maximum age for holiday homes applies - please refer to our subletting guide for more information.