Reverse Advent Calendar

Collecting food for our local community!

On the 1st of November, Park Holidays UK will be starting a Reverse Advent Calendar.

Running all the way through to the 30th, our head office will collect as many items as we can from the calendar and donate them to our nearest foodbank in Bexhill. These items will then be distributed to those who need it most this Christmas.


What exactly is a Reverse Advent Calendar?

The Trussell Trust (the leading network of food banks in the UK) estimates a 61% increase in demand for food parcels this winter compared to last year, which is why we want to get involved.

Traditionally, on the 1st of December, you open a window on your advent calendar and are gifted with a treat. A reverse advent calendar, however, is different in two ways.

1. Most importantly, instead of being gifted a treat, you gift something yourself instead (this can food or toiletries).

2. Secondly, you do it a month early. So instead of starting on December the 1st, you start on November the 1st. This is key, as it allows you to donate your advent box in time for Christmas! (It can take some time for foodbanks to organise your donations).


How do I take part?

It’s really easy to do, and anyone can take part!

Collect a box (or two) and each day add an item from the calendar. Day one being tinned fruit! Once you get to day 30 and add your Christmas Pudding, you are ready to donate your box.

Don’t worry, we appreciate this has been a strange and difficult year for everyone, so even one item would make a world of difference! (Feel free to add anything that isn’t on the list too, just make sure it doesn’t have an expiry date of less than three months).

If you want to go that one step further, you can share your progress on social media, raising awareness of the cause with your friends and family.


Where do I donate my collection?

Many supermarkets will have an area for you to drop off your donations, and this can often be the easiest way to deliver your collection.

You can also search the Trussell Trust website to find your local foodbank here.


What if I can’t get to a supermarket/collect food?

Not everyone will be able to make it to a supermarket right now, so there are a few alternative ways you can support your foodbank.

Many online supermarkets have ways for you to contribute:

  • Morrison’s: you can buy a £10 food bank voucher that goes towards 60 of the neediest foodbanks in the UK.
  • Waitrose: you can add a digital green token at checkout, just as you do in store.
  • Tesco: you can convert Clubcard vouchers to a donation to the Trussell Trust.

Or better yet, you can make a financial donation to your local foodbank or the national Trussell Trust organisation, who can then buy the food for you!


Where can I download the calendar?

This one’s easy… just click here

Thank you. 💙

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