Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about!

10 family-friendly carving hacks.

Struggling to find new and creative ways of carving your pumpkin this October? Fear not! We’ve gathered a collection of family-friendly hacks to make carving your pumpkin more exciting. So, whether you’re just looking for ideas or beginners looking for some tips… Read on!

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1. Use a whiteboard pen
Using a permanent marker seems like a great idea until you mess or up or change your mind and can’t wipe it off… A whiteboard pen, however, makes it easy to redo your pattern by simple wiping marks off with a damp tissue.

2. Follow a pattern
If you want to get a little bit more creative, print out a template to follow. Stick the template onto your pumpkin and use a ‘poker’ to pierce small holes around the outline of the design.

3. Use biscuit cutters
If you’re planning to carve out basic shapes like stars or circles, forget the paring knife and pull out your biscuit cutter collection. Set your pumpkin on its side on a flat surface, place your biscuit cutter where you’d like it to go and tap the cutter with a rubber mallet until it goes all the way through the pumpkin.

easter fun

Carving (or should I say etching…)

4. If you choose to cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin, add a notch
If you’re cutting off the top of your pumpkin, add a V-shaped notch so you’ll always know which way the lid fits back on. Cutting at a slight angle and adding the notch will also prevent the lid from accidently falling into the pumpkin.

5. Grab your ice-cream scoop!
Rather than gutting your pumpkin with an ordinary spoon or your hands… Use an ice-cream scoop! Not only is the tool designed specifically for scooping, but the sharp edges are perfect for scraping the sides of your pumpkin.

6. Etch… Don’t carve!
Etching removes just the top layers of the pumpkin surface, which is much easier than carving all the way through the flesh! Using a lino cutter, etch around the outline of your design with a thin blade attachment, then switch to a thicker one to etch the centre of your design. As you etch, hold your pumpkin steady and keep your hand away from the blade.

easter fun

Final Touches

7. Use fairy lights or an artificial candle
As an alternative to a burning candle, fill a class jar with tiny battery-powered fairy lights for a gentle glow or use an artificial candle for a brighter shine.

8. Keep it fresh
After carving your pumpkin, rub Vaseline onto the carved areas. It will not only protect the surface and seal in moisture, but it will prevent the pumpkin from getting dry and shrivelled.

9. Use glitter spray paint!
Once carved or etched, you can spray the exposed pumpkin flesh with crafty spray paint to create a unique festive decoration.

10. Fill your pumpkin with flowers
Not all pumpkins have to be scary… Buy some flowers, cut the stems, and place the shorted bouquet into your pumpkin. You now have your very own pumpkin vase!

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