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Parks group celebrates with savings in Tourism Week

English tourism week

Park Holidays UK is doing more than putting out the flags for English Tourism Week in April – it's also unfurling a banner baring barrel-loads of extra buying incentives.

Holiday home discounts, free pitch fees, and even a £100.00 "thank you" are all on offer during the annual celebrations of England's tourism industry in the first week of April.

The 30-strong parks group is also rolling out the red carpet for new buyers on the weekend of April 06 and 07 with an invitation to enjoy a free day out at the company's expense.

Families will be able to take a no-obligations look at holiday home models on display, quiz advisors about the ins and outs of ownership, and explore all the park's leisure facilities.

And those deciding to take the next step will find that there couldn't be a better time to buy.

Scores of caravan holiday homes and luxury lodges – both factory-fresh and pre-owned - have been earmarked for discounts worth thousands of pounds.

They include new top-specified models manufactured last year, and which have only ever been used for display purposes on the parks' showgrounds.

As well as being firmly quids-in on the purchase cost, families committing to buy during English Tourism Week will also receive the bonus of free pitch fees for the whole of 2019.

Some models also include discounted fees for the coming two years – and all purchasers will be given a free £100.00 spend on their owners loyalty card to use on the park.

The holiday homes on offer range from affordable pre-owned holiday caravans from under £10,000, right up to designer lodges providing the ultimate in super-luxury holidays escapes.

But just as attractive as the prices, says Park Holidays UK, are the superb pitch locations which are on offer across all of its seaside parks.

They range from cliff-top views of the ravishing Devon coastline to beautiful rural outlooks across tranquil countryside in exclusive park developments of chic holiday lodges.

english tourism week

Last year, the company reports, it spent over £20 million on its parks, and can now boast leisure facilities, clubs, and entertainment venues unrivalled in the industry.

All are provided free of charge to owners who have use of their holiday homes throughout the four seasons thanks to many of the group's parks remaining open for 50 weeks of the year.

The group says it is proud to be a major player in a tourism sector which, according to a recent independent report, generates £6.8 billion of annual spending in England.

Park Holidays UK is also an important employer in the holiday parks industry which, the report said, sustains over 126,000 full-time jobs throughout England, largely in rural areas.

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You are invited to an exclusive First Time Buyer Event taking place at all of our 30 Holiday Parks in April to celebrate English Tourism Week!