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St Osyth Holiday Park and local area has a textured history behind it

St Osyth Holiday Park - An exciting History


St Osyth Beach holiday park is at the heart of the resort of St Osyth Beach – about four miles from Clacton on the Essex coast. The larger village of St Osyth is a mile away with the attractive 15th century priory at its heart.

St Osyth is the driest recorded place in the UK, with an average of just 513 mm per year.


Legend has it that Saint Osyth (or Ositha) was a young lady who was involved in various fantastical events during her lifetime.


Tales include:
•    A young Osyth drowned in a stream, but was revived by nuns from the local convent praying for her for three days.
•    St Osyth was executed by beheading; where she fell a spring issued forth from the ground; she picked up her head and walked to the door of the nunnery where she knocked three times on the door before collapsing.
•    Some claim that Osyth's ghost walks along the priory walls carrying her head one night each year. We aren’t sure which night though!


We are pleased to report that sightings of ghosts are not everyday occurrences these days – though they make interesting folklore.


In more recent times the local area saw a string of Napoleonic forts built in the early 19th century to protect against French invaders that never came! Today the fort neighbouring St Osyth Beach has been redeveloped as a visitor centre and regularly hosts art exhibitions. It’s well worth a visit.


The holiday park itself was developed in the 1950s to take advantage of its great position adjoining the sandy beach. It was originally called Bel Air and in 1988 it became part of Haven holidays and then a Park Holidays UK park in 2001. The company has invested in a brand new clubhouse and as the neighbouring Seawick park is part of the group – our customers can now have the benefit of using both parks, with regular high profile entertainment featured at The Venue which is part of Seawick.  At the park we have no ghosts but we have plenty of spirits. And other drinks are available too.


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