Dog Packing Checklist

When travelling with your dog, packing their essentials is just as important as your own to ensure that they get the most out of the trip. We've put together the below checklist to help make sure nothing is forgotten during your holiday stay.

  • Food/Treats – Bear in mind that you might not be able to pick up your pooch’s favourite food or treats whilst on location, so make sure you take enough (and a little extra) with you just in case. Bonus tip: Don’t forget the can opener!

  • Food and Water Bowls – Packing your dog’s feeding bowls will not only give them something to eat of, but the familiarity of having the same bowl will help ease them into their new environment.

  • Bedding and Blankets – When it comes to settling in, your pet’s blankets or bedding will help a great deal in making them feel at home.

  • Toys – Bring along a few of their favourite toys for when you're not off exploring or going for walks.

    Dog Packing Checklist
  • Plastic bags - An essential to pick up after them along the way.

  • Leads – Our parks require pets to be on a lead at all times - unless within designated dog walking areas (please see individual parks for availability).

  • Collars/Tags – Just in case your pet gets lost, make sure they’re wearing a collar or name tag so that they can be returned to you safely. Consider adding a specific holiday tag to your pet whilst you are away with details of your current whereabouts.

  • Medication and First Aid – Make sure that you are prepared for any accidents or injuries that can easily be dealt with, and of course any medication your dog needs.

  • Towels and Shampoo – It’s not uncommon for your dog to get a little messy when out and about on adventures, so it’s generally a good idea to prepare for this eventuality when on your travels.

  • Your camera – Don’t miss out on all those great memories you’ll want to capture and share with friends, or with us on our twitter/facebook pages!

Make sure you have all the supplies you and your pet require to have the very best time on holiday.

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